Mach 13 cross

Name: Mach 13 soul cross (For XIII.exe)

Type: Normal/Fire +10 to all normal chips
Subtype: Sword


Description: XIII gained this cross while fighting along side his friend Machman, while combating an unkown Infiltrator in the Scilab Network. Both Machman and XIII are exceptionally fast navi's, and this cross not only combines their abilities, but speed as well. With that speed, XIII can easily go beyond that of supersonic speeds in a near instant, hence why it was named Mach 13. What would normally be Machman's wings become wil'o'wisp-like fireballs orbiting XIII in a similar fashion, and can eitehr be used to boost int he air, or to charge up and attack. Since XIII's speed increases far beyond normal parameters, he gains a face mask to protect his face.

Weapon: Amatsu Hou-Ryuu (Heavenly Fire Dragon): XIII's nodachi (long katana), Tsukiakari Ten'un, becomes shorter in size similar to that of a normal katana, but while most would think that it is a step back in power, rather it is a compression of data, causing the smaller blade to pack high speed and punch into the same package. The blade itself is two toned, the edge being metallic silver, while the back thick section is a deep green. An odd thing occurs, that when he charges his energy, the green part starts glowing a slightly red or white color, but what that does has yet to be seen.

Signature attack (60/60): Amatsu Tsubasa Arashi (Heavenly Wing Storm): XIII focuses the flames around the fragmented wings/fireballs, and uses that energy like rocket boosters, turning the wing fragments into supersonic missiles across the field. Since the fire is being used to propel them, rather than to attack, the fragments do normal damage, but the edges on them act like swords. (20 hits, 3dmg each) (2 turn cooldown) (Normal/Sword type Damage)
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Name: XIIICross



Description: The above Soul Cross was achieved when tandem busting with XIII.EXE against a saboteur in the SciLab network. Machman adopts XIII's look with the white cargo pants and a braided, red ponytail. Machman's raw speed and XIII's agility and skills with a blade combine to make a deadly combination. Machman's wings are removed but his foot speed is increased exponentially. At full speed, he appears to just materialize where he wants to be. He can switch directions so fast, he can close in on a virus and make a 90 degree turn; leaving only a red flash and the wind previously trailing behind him now blowing in the virus's face.

Weapons: "Cleave" and "Purify": Instead of a buster, He uses two energy Tantō (short swords) stored in the cargo pockets of his pants. Pressing the small switch on each hilt causes each glowing blue blade to burst forth. They are normally of the sword subtype, but the Tantō can be charged and imbued with fire for one strengthened strike. (Standard attack: Sword. Charge attack: Fire)

Signature Attack: (60/60) "Precision Strike": Machman charges the enemy at full speed and slashes. The unfortunate virus defends itself only to find Machman has disappeared. Machman then materializes behind the virus and thrusts both superheated Tantō into its body. (2 hits of 30dmg Fire 2TCD)

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Level 1 MachCross/XIIICross granted.