Alternate Kenji!

A New Team?, Nachahmen's Rendition of Kenji! (10 FXP)

A new challenger approaches, Let's try this again (22 FXP)

32FXP Total. Level 1 Cross GET?

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Alternate Kenji

After spending time with Kenji, Nachahmen began to absorb data from his regular scans of Kenji for mimicry. As time progressed and they began to bond, Nachahmen begins to develop electrical data, and takes on more accurate details of Kenji's appearance. However, one main detail remains askewed: the data absorbed from Kenji, upon bonding with Nachahmen, transformed the blue details into a hot pink, presumably by some minor corruption of data...

Appearance: As Kenji, blue color details are hot pink instead (Eyes, sash, cloak, etc. Hair and Markings are more of a magenta), but the mimicry is otherwise flawless.

Personality: As Nachahmen, if a bit cocky and flamboyant thanks to Kenji's influence.

ElecCross: Kenji's Elec Element and Wind Type taken, +10 bonus to Elec Chips (non-stackable)

Signature Attacks
60 / 60

Raiko-ha (roughly 'Lightning Wave'): Holding the index and middle fingers of both hands together and extended, Nachahmen brings his hands together, creating a small spark of elecriticy. Then, lining up one of his hand's thumbs to the two fingers, he pulls back, forming an arrow-like bolt. After creating this weapon, Nac releases his thumb, sending the 'arrow' onward toward a target. It's focused form and precision allow it to penetrate even the strongest shield.

Effects: 10ElecDmg+Stun1+Phasing (10 + 30 + 20 = 60 Total)

CD: 2

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Looks okay. I'll need his appearance and stuff first, though.
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