NachaKenji cross

Nega Kenji

After watching Nach continuously reform his form to mimic his opponents, Kenji eventually found a way to adapt this technique through practice. After performing a combo attack with Nachamen, he was able to fully develop it. His clothes all

Appearance: When crossing, Kenji sheds his cloak and dons a black skin tight vest. All color is drained from his clothes and his hair turns white. His eyes are the only exception, they change to a vivid blue and seem to glow among his colorless clothes. The two marking under his eyes spread across his entire body in the form of strange decalled tatoos. His overall form seems to look like a gothic mime.

Personality: As normal, but tends to speak in riddles, if at all.

Sig: 60/60

Reshape & reform: Kenji takes on a bit of a gaseous form and seems to leave behind a trail of smoke as he walks. It is in fact a decoy that clings to Kenji's body, and when struck by an attack, the weapon seems to passes right through him. The attack is actually deflected into the decoy. At this point, the smoke seeps into his body and coarses through him, healing him gradually every round.

Effects: Decoy (1), Regeneration 2 rounds, (20+20+20=60)
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