Cross Sigs

Alright, with the change in sigs with Crosses, I guess I'll go on and reg my 60 points of sigs for the cross.

Cross sigs
Sexy Defence (40 points)
This sig creates a panty and bra that overrides the clothing on Daisy at the moment, leving her in just the two pieces of undergarments. If any of the garments (Which are the barriers) are destroyed, there is a poof of smoke right then, and the appropate part of her clothing appears on her body to cover up the would be exposed skin.
Generates two-1 hit barriers on self

Sexy body(20 points)
Daisy's sexy body has the strange ability to heal itself from damage, in order to keep it nice and soft...
Regen 1 for one turn.
It's Regen1, 1 turn, baka. *SMACK*

Regen5 is 25 HP/action. Edit as necessary, then I'll approve.
DaisyCross Sig:

Blood Tentacle (60 Points)

A tentacle of blood appeared and makes contact with the target. It then melts into the target to recover some health. (Recover 45 HP, 2 turn CD)
Very good sirs.

Have FUn.