Alright, subplot is done, so I'm officially switching from Magna to Anyis. Mill Alidine remains the Operator, so that's a good enough reason to carry chips and zenny over. As for upgrades, they're salvaged from Magna's data after the events of the subplot and given to Anyis. So, between those two reasons, I'm asking for a full transfer.

Name: Mill Alidine
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: For various reasons, Mill has altered his look after receiving his new Navi. By some coincidence, his contact lenses had been bothering him as of late, so Mill traded them out for a pair of small-framed glasses. He also swapped out his jeans for a pair of khaki cargo pants, the reason being that he needed bigger pockets for his new modified PET. And after the necessary changes, Mill found that his outfit was clashing like hell, so he went ahead and changed some more. He tossed his navy blue T-shirt for an ever-compatible white one. Much to his relief, the new shirt helped bring in his favorite olive green jacket, which he kept, along with his cheap white sneakers. Of course, his physical features haven't changed much: 5'10" height, 150 or so pounds, short and messy brown hair, green eyes, and an average build. If anything, he's looked a little more ruffled ever since he started working at the parts shop.

Personality: While he doesn't entirely realize it, Mill learned something from Magna: Navis are more than just tools. Due to that, Mill treats them with a little more respect than he used to, thinking of them more as other people than just programs. Of course, it's only progress in comparison: Mill will still generally just say what people want to hear, even if he has to lie through his teeth to do so, especially when Mill doesn't know said people and/or isn't sure of their intentions. In short, Mill's cautious. Yet, at the same time, Mill likes to be dominant and in control of situations, a trait that is much more apparent to his friends and family. Combine these two aspects, and it would seem like Mill is constantly walking through a minefield... one that he doesn't always know how to navigate.

Flaws aside, Mill's not a bad person. He's pretty smart and a quick thinker, making him pretty reliable in a pinch, although usually his ideas don't reach very far out of the box. If you're someone he actually cares about, Mill will put a lot at stake to protect you. There's one relationship that Mill keeps having trouble with, though: the one between him and his Navi. Having been used to Magna's generally submissive demeanor, Anyis's "my way or the highway" attitude came as a bit of a shocker. As such, the two argue a fair amount, although they're both sane enough to not let that jeopardize a mission.

PET Modifications: A deep purple second generation PET (a la MMBN3; Mill likes the bigger screen compared to Link PETs) with orange grips. It had been a pet project of Mill's for good while, as evidenced by the Magna-esque color scheme, although he's tweaked it as needed to adapt to Anyis's style. It's installed with various scanners, trackers, and video codecs to help Mill see and make use of Anyis's powers. There's also a foldout mini-keyboard on the back that Mill uses for any on-the-spot coding he needs to do. After tinkering with it for a while, Mill managed to hook up a miniature holo-projecter that lets Anyis create a 6-inch high image of herself in the real world. Along with all this, of course, Mill upgraded the PET with all the functions of the more modern Link PET, in particular the wireless jack-in capabilities, so as to not be at a disadvantage against recently produced models.

Name: Anyis.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Wind
Appearance: Originally designed with the appearance of a shrine priestess, Anyis has undergone subtle transformations with each of her Operators before arriving at her unique spirit medium design that Mill is familiar with. She is roughly 5'6" tall, with about half an inch added on from the heels on her white boots, which extend up to just below her knees before narrowing into gold-trimmed points. Her basic design sports a midnight blue bodysuit, but most of it is covered by her robe. This robe, the sole survivor of Anyis's original design, is made to match the large white robe of old Electopian shrine priestesses, but it has seen some trimming. The ends of the robe only reaches halfway down her thighs, reveals her navy blue bodysuit and boots below. The sleeves are cut to only go half the length of her upper arms, giving a small glimpse of bare skin (her bodysuit doesn't have arms) before her gloves appear. The robe is held tight by a matching navy blue belt buckled with Anyis's emblem: a topaz glistening with bits of data.

Anyis's gloves are the focal point of her entire design. They are long white gloves that extend all the way up to her elbows before ending in a point on the outer sides with a subtle golden trim. Each glove has a single topaz gem embedded into the back of the hands that glows accordingly with the amount of energy Anyis uses at any given moment. The gloves are capable of transforming into her Custom Weapon.

Her body structure is feminine, but at the same time lithe and limber enough to give her athletic ability. Her bust is a modest at best, and almost completely disappears when hidden in her robe. Anyis's face is cute, but it can be hard to tell due to the serious look that usually adorns it. Her eyes are the same deep orange color of her topazes and can make you feel like they're looking straight through you. Her hair, a subtle lavender color, is somewhat long, reaching a little past her shoulders before fraying out into loose strands and completing her look.

Personality: Anyis was created with a stoic mood to keep her focused on her job. As she traversed the Net, though, she saw many things; some good, some bad, some bizarre. Either way, these memories helped expand her personality into what it is today. Part of Anyis's stoicism remains in her level-headedness, which draws from her long-lived wisdom. Some might go far enough to call her jaded, but she doesn't care.

In most cases, Anyis will respond to a situation with the appropriate emotion. She can be kind, forceful, and just about anything in between, as she needs to when interacting with and channeling Navi ghosts. It's mostly just acting, but Anyis didn't have much choice but to learn it to deal with all the people she's met over the years. By default, though, the best thing to call Anyis would probably be a little cocky. She is not submissive in the slightest, the best example of such being Anyis constantly butting heads with Mill over battle strategies (although it's really just their way of showing affection). She's not unbreakable, though, so if something does manage to shake her up, Anyis can become pretty distraught or angry. Chances are, though, that if you already have enough dirt on Anyis to make her angry, you're probably not on her good list in the first place.

History: Anyis is actually a second-generation Navi, created back around the implementation of the current Net and upgraded and modified over the years. She is one of a set of 4 Navis designed by a small division of the Net's creators, charged with the task of regulating junk data as it appears on the Net. The need for this soon became apparent with the advent of the River: a flowing mass of junk data high in the sky that twists and turns its way all around the Net, eternally flowing as the junk data that composes it seeks to reassemble itself. It is a rather imposing and menacing sight, and the only reason that it didn't create an utter panic at its first appearance is that the particulates of data that make it are too small for the average Navi's vision to process. The 4 regulators, Anyis included, counter this fact with a special video codec, aptly called the River codec, that lets them visually process those fine particulates of data. The 4 Navis were organized and unified by a supercomputer that would calculate how much junk data was where at any given moment and dispatch the Navis as needed. The overarching mission? Prevent a cataclysmic-scale event dubbed "The Flood": an over-accumulation of loose junk data at any one point, diverting the flow of the River and polluting the ground Net with even more junk data to the point where it completely crashes.

It was a noble mission to be sure, but technology pays little heed to morals. Soon enough, someone figured out how to make the Net regulate itself, and an over-accumulation of data became nigh impossible outside of an act of Net-terrorism. As a result, the manual regulators fell out of memory and, one would assume, out of duty. Unfortunately for the Navis, however, the supercomputer never received its order to cease regulation, and more or less enslaved the Navis to continue the long-dead "mission". Over time, their interaction with the River, and Navi ghosts as a result, landed them a new name: Undertakers. And so the Undertakers continued to erase the remains of the dead, else the supercomputer presiding over them erase them instead if they don't meet an erasure quota every now and then. Fighting battle after battle, moving from one Operator to the next, striving towards a pointless cause without anyone's knowledge... This is the life of an Undertaker. Recently, though, one of the Undertakers came up with the idea to provide public funeral services for recently deceased Navis, and it has proved fruitful in both helping to meet their quotas and to spread the Undertaker name so that they can secretly help preserve their own lives. All 4 Undertakers, Anyis included, have signed onto this idea, and will converge together on occasion for the funeral service of a high ranking Navi, whether he or she be in the NetPolice or the NetMafia. So long as they can make their erasures, the Undertakers don't particularly care who you are.

Custom Weapon: River Gauntlets
Anyis can, at will, transform her gloves into a pair of large silver gauntlets. They look a little disproportionate for her size, but Anyis has no problems wielding them. The plating on the gauntlets is fairly heavy, and the forearm guards are layered with slightly sharpened scales, which help assist in parrying attempts. The only feature between the gloves and gauntlets that matches is the topazes embedded in the back of the palms.

Melee Attack — Anyis punches the target. For the charged attack, the gauntlet becomes coated in a thick sheet of ice, effectively doubling the size of her fist, before Anyis makes a wind-propelled strike with it.

Ranged Attack — Anyis fires clumps of data from her palm. For the charged attack, Anyis creates a large ice wall in front of her and promptly punches it into oblivion, creating an array of razor-sharp ice shards which, with assistance from a quick gust of wind, rain down on the opponent.

Signature Attacks (380/380 points):

Channel Surf (100 Strengthen, 15 HP Sacrifice, 2TCD; 100 points - 20 nerf)
Anyis summons several ghosts from the River, channeling them through her body simultaneously. By cycling through them to make use of their proficiencies, Anyis can power up her attacks to whatever degree she needs. As is the case whenever she channels a ghost, Anyis's eyes and gems take on a luminescent glow.

Channel Static (Confusion, 2TCD; 80 points)
Anyis calls a Navi ghost down from the River, but rather than channel it herself like normal, she sends the spirit through her target's body. The ghost proceeds to create interference all throughout the target's body, making everything from attacking to talking much more difficult.

River Slide (Large-Area Ice Terrain Effect, 1TCD; 40 points)
Anyis diverts a small portion of the River down to the ground and freezes it in place, creating a large slick of ice in the immediate area.

Ice Bleeding (Imbue Aqua, Passive; 20/80 points)
Because she has to leave her coding fairly open to channel ghost data, it can't be helped that tiny amounts of Anyis's data will leak out on occasion. Rather than curse the fact, though, she turns it to her advantage and bleeds her code into the weapons she uses, possessing them with an icy aura.

Ectopatcher (15 HP Healing, Passive; 20/80 points)
When needed, Anyis's systems will automatically draw in some junk data and reformat it to her specifications, helping to repair any minor damage she might incur.
Approved. Happily so.