Infection - Violet Death

Infection - Violet Death [Mini-Plot]

Summary of Events:

[Requires nonspecific moderator]

-- After having his program upgraded to Rogue Network standards, Eternalis goes to test his mettle again in another battle, alone.
-- It is required that at least one hit be applied to Eternalis in this first battle.
-- Upon healing, the effect will reverse and accelerate, bringing Eternalis to EJO levels, ejecting him to his PET.

[Exposition, does not require moderator]

-- Eternalis will be frozen by the PET's safe mode and examined by the Ezariths.
-- Isolating all of Eternalis' armor pieces, the source is discovered: a leftover bug from the battle with Momograve in NetVegas.
-- The bug reverses his restorative programming, causing it to decay his higher sentience processes instead (tl;dr: zombies).
-- Manual extraction is found to be impossible. The bug has to be allowed to take over almost completely before it can be safely destroyed by way of fighting it.
-- Aurora is fitted with Eternalis' armor to allow for operation as temporary NetNavi, as she was originally coded to be one.
-- Aurora.EXE inherits all of Eternalis' previous stats and loses all SP functions, but remains Elec/Team. She cannot access his Signatures, Soul Crosses, or Buster. Sparky.SP's linkage is also disabled.

[May not require modlock, but preferable]

-- Boss Fight: ィtエrナウイロlis.DAT, aka Corrupted Eternalis.

-- Win/Loss Results:
--- WIN ON TURN 5 OR BELOW: Eternalis is purged of the Momograve's bug, and Aurora captures it. Reward Outcome 1.
--- WIN ON TURN 6/7: The Momograve bug is completely destroyed, with Eternalis barely surviving. Reward Outcome 2.
--- LOSS: Aurora receives an EJO, and Reverus' reserve Navi manages to delete the bug. Reward Outcome 3.

-- Aurora transfers Navi status back to Eternalis, retains armor. Eternalis loses armor, crosses are now required to be fancified.
-- Life goes on.

The Big Baddie

Name: ィtエrナウイロlis.DAT (Corrupted Eternalis, for reference.)
HP: 720
Level: 46
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Bug
Actions: 6
Description: With the Momograve bug overtaking Eternalis' systems, it's difficult to ascertain whether it's even Eternalis any longer. Armor purged, the only real parts that remain of him are his Emblem, and a few blue spots within the grotesque mass of purple tendrils and organs. Five eyes have manifested to cover the two blue highlights that marked his face, along with a vulgar purple tongue. Several claws and spikes jut out from his back. A hard purple shell covers his arms to act as busters. Unlike his usual form, his fluid body constantly leaks wherever he moves, creating a slick purple-blue trail. Speech is nonexistent, save for a few gurgled groans.

Attack: 2
Rapid: 5
Charge: 5
Normal Attack: 35
Half-Charge Attack: 70
Full-Charge Attack: 140

Points: (40/40)
Equipped Programs: Custom+1 (40)

--Signature Attacks--
Cap: 420 (630) / 60
Points: (0/1900)

Passive: Infinity Aegis
| 20 Support Base (20 Heal) | 18 Instances | 360 PP/1440 SP |
ィtエrナウイロlis has a vastly strengthened regenerative factor thanks to the massive power boost from the Momograve bug, and will shrug off any hit less than half its health easily.

Active: Fluid Blade
| 80 Null + Slashing | 2 TCD | 3 Instances | 240 SP |
ィtエrナウイロlis forms a long, sharp shard of purple and blue with its arm, and rushes up to a target to slice them up.

Active: Sticky Discharge
| 50 Aqua + Stun1, Thrown Type | 2 TCD | 2 Instances | 160 SP |
A grotesque mouth forms from ィtエrナウイロlis' head, and a white sticky blob is released from it, dealing a little bit of damage to disrupt the enemy's movements.

Active: Infected Force Cannon
| (40 + 20x) Damage + Glitch (1+x) | Self-Slow | 0 TCD (Custom1) | 60 SP/20 NP |
[Special: IFC's damage increases by 20 for each stack of Violet Death present on bearer.]
[Special: IFC's glitch count increases by 1 for every two stacks of Violet Death present on bearer, rounded down.]
The hard purple shell on ィtエrナウイロlis' arms shift into a huge cannon form, releasing a beam of corrupted data at a target. ィtエrナウイロlis needs to slow down movement after executing this attack. The cannon increases in power the longer the Momograve bug is in control.

--Battle Specifics--
Violet Death starts out at one stack at the start of the battle, increasing by one stack for every turn that passes, at the beginning of each turn, applying its effects before any others take place. Violet Death deals damage to its bearer based on the number of stacks present according to the formula: (3 ^ Stack - 10); negative values are rounded up to zero. Violet Death stacks also increase the power of the Signature Attack: Infected Force Cannon, refer to signature attack stats.

Violet Death Mathworks

    [li]Turn 1:
    Damage Taken: (3 ^ 1 - 10) = 0; (Rounded Up)
    IFC Strength: 40+20 = 60, Glitch1
    [li]Turn 2:
    Damage Taken: (3 ^ 2 - 10) = 0; (Rounded Up)
    IFC Strength: 40+40 = 80, Glitch2
    [li]Turn 3:
    Damage Taken: (3 ^ 3 - 10) = 17;
    IFC Strength: 40+60 = 100, Glitch2
    [li]Turn 4:
    Damage Taken: (3 ^ 4 - 10) = 71;
    IFC Strength: 40+80 = 120, Glitch3
    [li]Turn 5:
    Damage Taken: (3 ^ 5 - 10) = 233;
    IFC Strength: 40+100 = 140, Glitch3
    [li]Turn 6:
    Damage Taken: (3 ^ 6 - 10) = 719;
    IFC Strength: 40+120 = 160, Glitch4
  • Turn 7:
    Damage Taken: (3 ^ 7 - 10) = 2187; (Instant Death)

Level Breakdown
HP Memory: 31x (31)
Speed Upgrade: 3x (6)
PowerUP: 9x (9)
Total: 46


Reward Outcome 1: [BugCharge] Battlechip + 2500z ~ 5000z + 36 BugFrags OR Revise to whatever deemed fit.
Reward Outcome 2: 1000z ~ 3500z + 36 BugFrags OR Revise to whatever deemed fit.
Reward Outcome 3: 36 Bugfrags and a pity party.

In addition, an appearance and name change for Eternalis and Aurora plus full revision of crosses for Eternalis including signature attacks.
Approved, and yay subplotting.