Lex Ghost and Phantasm.exe

Name: Lex Ghost
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shorter than the average 17 year old, Lex has always been quite small, (though he would call it vertically challenged). Dark brown eyes with a large black afro that more than makes up for his short stature. He wears a baggy red jumper at all times, blue shorts and a pair of sandals.

Personality: because of his height (or lack there of) he is always quick to defend himself from anybody that would comment on it, he spends the majority of his time lounging about and sleeping. Even though he can be quite sociable, he finds it hard to make friends as he would rather relax by himself.

PET Modifications: Deep purple case with 3 green flames that are arranged in a triangle around the screen, it also has a measuring apparatus that can detect spectral activity.

Name: Phantasm
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Wind

Appearance: Because Phantasm is merely a normal navi that has been possessed, his appearance changes on what current state he is in. When outside of battle or when facing opponents he doesn't deem worthy, he has the appearance of a normal standard model navi, except that he is deep purple. When he meets a worthy opponent, becomes angry or is near another ghost, his appearance changes to a normal navi with a head that floats slightly off his shoulders engulfed in green flames, his hands and feet become green flames in the shape of their respective body part, his lower body that connects his legs to his torso also burst into flames. Around him floats three spectral green flames that constantly circle behind him. His Logo is a Purple background with a green flame in the centre

Personality: When in normal mode, Phantasm is a mild mannered, kind navi, who at times can be slightly forgetful. When in Ghost mode, Phantasm becomes an angry navi, who will not show mercy to his opponents. Normal mode Phantasm hates the fact that when he goes ghost mode, he becomes angry and uncaring, and as such, always tries to help others to make up for his mistakes.

Back story: While surfing the internet one day, Lex and his new navi found a mysterious door. The door was locked and had a heavy inscription so Lex decided to let it be. As the new navi turned away, the door opened releasing a wave of energy that knocked the navi of his feet, many flames began to fly out in all directions, some green, some blue, the green flames flew at the normal navi before he had time to react. The navi mysteriously transformed into a new form that begun to rapidly shoot down the red flames, many escaped to the new navis disappointment. He turned towards Lex and spoke to him, "I'm Phantasm, we must find and destroy those ghost navis before they cause anymore damage". Lex with a look of puzzlement asks, "Who the hell are you?" At this point Phantasm fell to the ground and turned back to his normal state, Lex's quest for answers has begun.

Custom Weapon: In normal mode, Phantasm has a normal buster, but in ghost mode he can shoot green flames out of his hands

Signature Attack:
Ethereal plane (Large stage change to Lava) 40/60 1 turn CD, Phantasm looks upon the field and imprints his ghostly powers upon it
Phantom Flames (Shot Type Attack Attribute, Flame attribute) 20/60 1 turn CD, Phantasm expels his excess energy in the form of a flame sot in the direction of his enemy

(ps: since this was written I decided to change the name of my navi to phantasm from spectre because I realised there was already a spectreman, so if you see the name spectre I apologise)

(pss: I now realise that I will probably need to register a GMO for my navi to be able to change as mentioned previously)
You are correct about the .GMO thing, but once you get your Navi approved, you have one free .GMO. So you can make your "Ghost Mode" as soon as Phantasm gets registered! So far, it looks pretty good to me. The whole ghost thing strikes a little close to home because my Navi, Machman.EXE (MkII), had a similar encounter. He found the spectral data of the original Machaman.EXE, who was wrongly self-deleted nearly 7 years ago.

Just stand by until an admin or official approves your profile.
Thanks for the heads up, o and btw if you think that my navi idea is to similar to yours i would gladly change it, it took me ages to decide on this specific navi (i got to much free time and too many navi ideas)
No way, you should keep your idea. The only thing that makes Machman and Phantasm similar is a "supernatural" past.
Just change all instances of Spectre (there's 3 of them) to Phantasm and correct your single spelling error in the profile, and you're good.
I think thats all done, thanks for the heads up

GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1
GET SUBCHIP: 2x MiniEnergy