Aqua-based Navis and Ice Signature Attacks

So, I was working on my next attacks, but this has me tripped up:

Same Element Attribute: Free (Not stackable) [[b]All signatures of your Navi's own element can be that element for free, same as null[/b]. You do have to state that they are elemental though.]
Example Notation: 40 Fire
Explanation: 40 Damage, Fire Element; though including the words Damage and Element are unnecessary.

Ice Type: 20 [This effect can only be applied to signatures that include the Aqua Element, and only to portions of the signature associated with that element. [b]This is the alternate setting for all Aqua Element attacks.[/b] This means the attack is ice based, and will cause freeze effects on Ice and Snow terrains, and will change Sea to Ice, and freeze things underwater. Does not affect Onsen. When applied to Defenses and Objects, the vulnerability shifts to Fire from Elec.]

Does that mean I can add Ice to my navi's attacks for free since she is Aqua-based, or am I reading this wrong?
Nope, it just means that Ice Type can only be applied to Aqua elemental sigs. Aqua elemental Navis don't get any discount for it.
This means an aqua navi has to pay 20 to add the ice effect, and a non-aqua has to pay 40 (20 for off element and 20 for ice).
Alright, thanks for clearing that up.