Aelieth Hadrok and Holoß.net


Name: Aelieth Hadrok

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Aelieth is a little taller than average, around six feet. Blue eyes, often hidden behind reading glasses when staring at a computer, are the most prominent feature on his face. He's usually content to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and a worn sneakers most of the time. When in the computer lab, however, he's draped in an overly large, and often out of place, lab coat. He's in a lab, he figures, so why not?

Personality: Openly friendly, but shy, Aelieth usually prefers to stand back and watch other people go about their business, until they direct their focus on him. At that point, he freezes up and can't think of anything to say other than minor cordialities. Because of this, he's started pushing himself into situations outside his comfort zone, trying to build upon and improve his interpersonal communication skills. After he warms up to a person, however, he's very amicable, often talking and laughing with abandon. He's very interested in games of all types, and often times he can come off as dorky when talking about them.

PET Modifications: Aelieth's model of PET is older than most of his peers and sports a gunmetal gray with green highlights.


Name: Holoß.net (Aelieth refers to him either by Holo or Beta, depending on... well, it's usually random)

Gender: Depends on what form he's taking, but thinks of himself as male.

Element: Electric

Type: Normal

Appearance: Holo is a concept Navi. Where NetNavi's are artificial beings in the real world, he's a artificial in the digital world. His body is made up of a series of reconfigurable hologram projectors, generating simple body parts between the generators at his head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, knees and feet. The projections are reminiscent of the color schemes of ancient computer screens, pale green with refresh lines continuously moving between the projectors. The reconfigurable nature of his projections allow the illusion of movement, as well as the possibility of changing his size and appearance. Possibly the most notable feature about his appearance is his face, which is simply a square display with 8-bit eyes. Emblazoned upon his chest is his Navi Symbol, a lightly colored ß upon a dark green field. Unlike the rest of him, his symbol remains the same when he transforms, even if the Navi he's imitating has a different symbol.

Personality: Holo shares many of the personality traits of his netOp. The main difference is that, unlike Aelieth, he doesn't speak when he's around people he knows. Or around people he doesn't know. Or at all. An oversight on Aelieth's part, the high power requirements of Holo's projectors prevents his vocal program from receiving adequate power to speak in normal circumstances. To compensate, Holo has taken to speaking through his transformations, transforming into an exploding volcano if, for example, a volcano is about to erupt (think Courage the Cowardly Dog). Aelieth has tried fixing this problem, but at the moment the best solution he's come up with is a text box for Holo to use, which he rarely does. To help make himself more at ease around unknown Navis, he often times will mirror their appearance and actions.

Custom Weapon: HoloBuster. When attacking, he focuses a huge amount of power into a single point of contact to deal damage. Attacking rapidly will cause a blinking effect as power is quickly drawn away from and restored to his projectors.

Signature Attack: Brightness Spike: A jolt of energy surges through Holo, momentarily overloading his Brightness/Contrast levels and causing an eruption of blinding light to shoot from him. The resulting burst leaves him momentarily drained. (Cost: 60 + 30 nerf. 30 electric damage, Blind to one target, and one turn of recovery, 3 TCD)

[Edit:] Touched up Holoß's appearance a bit.
[Edit2:] Made Signature Attack more readable, as far as what makes it up.
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GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1
GET SUBCHIP: 2x MiniEnergy