New Operator/Navi

Well, I assume this question has been addressed somewhere before, and I apologize if it has and/or is quite easy to find.
Say I would like to completely abandon my current Net navi and Op, is there such a place to do that? If not, is it possible to change the name or description (preferably both) of either?

I tried looking for the answer, and I did come across the "ONE NAVI + OP PER PERSON SUCKA!" rule, but I still wanted to know if it was possible.

Many thanks in advance.
If you want to drop your op and navi, that be fine, but if you want to "keep" them in storage for later usage, then shelving the way to go. Look at the advanced rules area in the rules area. But, if you just want to drop them completely and not go back to them evar again, then just completely get rid of them and make your new navi and op.
Thanks for the quick reply.
Dumping your old navi: Think of a way for them to bow out of the NetBattling scene and register a new Navi.

Shelving: Putting your Navi aside and making a new one, possibly to go back to your old pair later. See Advanced Rules.

Rebirth: Having a new Navi/Op pair inherit all your stuff. A recent ruling says that your old characters must be PERMANENTLY retired from the NetBattling scene if you do this. See Advanced Rules.
Um, say I want to change the description of my Navi and/or OP, is that doable?
As long as there are no mechanical changes, I think you just have to register your changes in the Profile Edits/Appearance Changes thread.
Cool. I'll post it there.
Thanks, Pocket!