Scarlett and Crimson.Exe

Name: Scarlett Rayne

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Scarlett is a beautiful young woman with shoulder length, dark red hair and piercing green eyes. She has fair, almost pale, skin with dark red lips. Scarlett is athletic, with long legs and a firm butt. Her stomach is flat and toned and her breasts are on the smallish side, but perky. She generally wears tight black jeans with a white t-shirt under a black jacket. She can always be found with a pair of black sunglasses and a silver necklace that was a gift from her dead father.

Personality: Scarlett is a tough girl who has been on her own for some time. Thus, she is well versed in doing what needs to be done in order to survive. Her father taught her well before he died, and she ended up falling into the same line of work as her father despite the illegal nature of her job. Like Crimson, she has no qualms about killing people if she needs to. She is a survivor and her health and well being comes before anyone else. She has few true friends, due to her not wanting others to learn of her profession; however, she is well versed in the art of seduction and can fit in with just about anyone if the situation calls for it.

PET Modifications: Scarlett's PET is black with a red cross along the back. The PET is modified with illegal hacking programs that allow Scarlett and Crimson to access the areas necessary for them to complete their work. The PET is synced with a wireless headset so that Scarlett can speak with Crimson without the PET being in sight.

Name: Crimson.Exe

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Sword

Appearance: Crimson is a humanoid Navi, standing at the equivalent of 6'2" and weighs 215lbs. He is lean, though athletic; built more for speed than power. He has pale skin with dark eyes and raven hair cropped short, only about an inch long. He wears a blood red, sleeveless gi under a black leather breastplate. He wears black leather boots and gloves with hardened leather greaves covering his shins and wrist guards. The black armor is tied on with scarlet bands. Over this outfit is a long, tattered black cloak with ripped and frayed ends and a large hood that, when pulled up, casts his face in shadows. A black leather belt is strapped around his waist, holding his sword in place at the small of his back. The sword is at a diagonal with the hilt sticking out on Crimson's right side. Crimson generally carried his scythe, though he can strap it to his back if needed.

Personality: Crimson is a fairly enigmatic figure. He keeps to himself most times, generally in an effort to keep his career a secret. However, he is not adverse to small talk and chatting with others. In fact, it is a talent he relies on in order to get close to some of his more difficult targets. Crimson has no qualms about deleting other Navi and holds no illusions of righteousness. He knows that some of the Navi that he deletes deserve their fate; however, he is equally aware that the vast majority of them are fools who got in the way of someone willing to pay for "obstacle removal".

Custom Weapon: Crimson uses two weapons; a scythe and a sword.

Signature Attack: Soul Reaper - Crimson uses his scythe to drain the life force from his opponents and restore some of his own. (Life Drain [-60 Points] to deal 30 DMG and heal Crimson by 30.) 2TCD

((Upon checking the level caps for signatures, I have decided to shelve the Shadow Step idea until level five. Soul Reaper shall now serve as Crimson's basic attack.))
Looks pretty good to me. Your descriptions are specific and seemed well thought out. Just a few minor things:
1. Did you leave out her job description on purpose (to play towards her character)?
2. For the "illegal PET mod", I don't think it will really be a problem, just make sure its function does not affect actual netbattling.
3. Though we only advise having a single "buster," since both weapons are melee, it shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure you signify which weapon you are using when you RP.

I give it a thumbs up, please wait for an admin or official to approve your submission.
1. Yes, I left her job purposely vague in order to build up the suspense in my first post.

2. No problem. It is generally for story purposes, to allow Scarlett the ability to gain information and access that your average person would not be able to acquire.

3. Sure thing.

So, do any administrators have an issue with this application?
Looks superb. You seen like a vet already.


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