Areagrab effect

Would an Areagrab effect in a signature attack count as 20 points like other effects,or would it cost more points?
I'm prety sure sig-attacks can't directly mimic effect chips.......could be wring. I still can't figure out how the damage cap actually works when you buy multiple Process Upgrades.
Teleport effect cost is 50 DMG.
50 points....DMG is confusing.
the WHOLE thing is confuseing, i don't even know how much damage my passive sigs can be upgraded to and how much my starting sig can be upgraded......*head explodes*
Great mechanics behind the sigs I'm sure, but I play HERO SYSTEM, and even I can't fingure out how the heck these sigs work.

Typical HERO SYSTEM equasion for, say, a mace that flashes after hiting the oponent, blinding them: 2d6HKA(30) 0END(+1/2) (45) OAF (-1) (22) + Sight Flash 10d6 (50) 0END (+1/2) (75) OAF (-1) Linked (-1/2) (30) = 52 charecter points, 120 Active Points. If the cap for Active Points were only 80, even though it costs less than that after disadvantages, it would not be alowed. If you knocked off the right combo of advantages, disadvantages, and dice, so that the active cost were 80 or less, it would automatically be potentially valid.

I can do this stuff in my head, but I can't figure out sig attack formulas at all.
Yeah, I agree. SigAttacks are confusing.
Well, let's look at it, shall we?
Areagrab counts as both a Dodge and an Accuracy Increase effect. These two effects, together, would equal 40 damage towards the cap. Then, the fact that it's two abilities you can pick and choose from would add about 10 to it, making the 50 damage.


I think.
Area Grab is 3 effects:

1: Up to 3 action's worth of nothing but moving. (EX: Using an action to close the distance with targets that are specifically labeled as "Out of Range".)

2: A free Dodge. (Free +50% chance to dodge one or maybe more attacks. That's a massive boost.)

3: An Accuracy Boost. (+10% chance to hit your target. That might not sound like much, but when you stop to consider that Melee attacks are 10% less accurate than Gun attacks... What is leveling the playing field on top of everything else this does for you worth to you?)

That's (well) over 100 points of effects. We charge you 50 to have it. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Also, we're working on making a list for sig effects for the players to look at and use, thus making this easier for everyone... Among other sig-related projects...