Dark Boy.exe

Name: Trillian
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: His cape is orange. He has Purple hair mixed with blonde highlights. His goggles and headband are strangely colored. He has Blood Read Eyes! He is not a muscleman, but he is pretty strong. He usually wears the same clothes. They fit him. If Cargo Shorts dont work, he just wheres Khaki shorts. And in the cold, he wraps his scarf around him. Its not easy explaining. I can't really explain him, so here is a picture

Personality: He is a strange boy, who is strangly very skilled at Net Battling. He tries not to show it but he just can't help himself. He is never mad when he loses because he knows he gets stronger losing than winning.
PET Modifications:
-Can Jack in Wirelessly
-Has a maximum of 200 GB of Storage
-Music, PETcasts, Music, and Pictures Feature
-Larger Screen for Movies, Petcasts, Music, and Pictures
-Web Browser Built-in
-Lunar Panel - At night it shines and puts Dark Boy in Total Darkness mode.

Net Emblem:
All Black with Red in the middle. Sort of like a circle
-His PET is Purple

Name: Dark Boy
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Type: Cursor
Appearance: He comes from a tribe called The Lunar Children. He has red hair, an orange cape, and blue pants. He has a close appearance to his Net Operator. You will always find Dark Boy wearing his signature headband and scarf
Personality: Dark Boy is very kind, and likes to fight for FUN and not for life or death. He only takes orders from trillian. He always carries them out. He almost joined a Net NAvi team to stop crimes once.
Custom Weapon: Dark Gun
Signature Attack: DeathVulcan - Dark whips out his Darl Gun and homes and fires six times at 10 Damage each at the enemy!

Cool Down - 2
You're obviously ignorant of our rules, and are most likely simply a troll 'playing around' on this forum because you lack power over multiple people. Thus, you are denying this lack of power by attempting to get a rise out of others, thus showing your 'superiority' over them. This can be traced back to trust issues with your mother. As in Freud's psychosocial development, you are stuck in your phallic stage, with castration anxiety leading you to prove that you 'are indeed a man', and that constant drive is leading you here to make your little 'joke' posts upon this forum.

You are an admin over a certain amount of people on another forum, and appear to have a decent knowledge over how to replace the colors of a sprite. However, as quoted from your rules;

Quote ('Dark Boy')

-Don't Spam, we don't like it, and it will result in a temporary suspension from posting!

but you yourself do not follow this upon this forum.

In addition, there are a number of misspellings in your rules thread alone, as well as multiple grammar errors.

Such as but not only '-No posting pictures that stretch the page! Warning you will receive', and '-No Adult Material or paradies of bad things. '

An Admin that simply joins a forum to be an asnine troll does not deserve to be an Admin at all. Your behavior here is an atrocity and embarrasses your board. Really, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I charge $45.99 an hour for further appraisals of mental health.

Now, if you really wish to register a navi and become a productful member of this 'net society', Please register a character using the proper form, found here.

No links to canon characters in the MMBN universe as well, please.
Ok, seriously....

We're not bad dudes or anything, but you really, REALLY need to read the rules. You've got a second warn for posting in the Undernet without an approved character. I will remove your warns if, and only if, you read the rules, produce a playable character, and post in the RP like everyone else.

That's right, I'm offering you a clean slate if you do what you're supposed to do. This is more than fair, since you came to our forum, and basically did whatever you pleased without regard to the rules threads ALL forums have. Since we know you are an Admin at another forum (and we know which forum it is already) we will assume this was your idea of a joke. We're forgiving chaps....

However, break the rules one more time, and you're gone. Count on it. <_<

PS: Normally I'd tell you to PM me for assistance, but the PM system is down on all z10 servers. Instead, if you have questions, ask them in the Suggestions and Questions Forum. You should also introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum. But this all comes after you read the Rules Forum.
The grammatical error I did. On purpose I have, to sound like Yo-Da!

And I wasnt trying to make my Navi Unbeatable. Sheesh. And none of my posts where really spam.


AND to YOU what is a 'Playable" character here in the RP? I assume Dark Boy is one. ANd whenever I let someone use him, I tell THEM to use the attacks at their damage rate. And I am not proclaiming myself as strongest navi who will devour everything that comes in my path....Im not Bass.
((Slap me with a warn as per the rules. But don't delete this post. This needs to be said.))

Harbin got a little-

Okay, majorly off track.

But Pally, however, was 100% on-target.

You need to read THE RULES.

There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Read the rules.

Follow the rules.

Or don't roleplay here.

Those are your options.



Second, no Darkchip references or direct references to the games/anime in any backstories you may or may not come up with. (This means stuff like referencing the main characters (Lan or Chaud, for instance...) by name. Or at all, for that matter. Pretend they don't exist.

Yes, we have darkchips.

No, you don't get one from the start.

No, we're not letting you register a navi that's been 'tainted' by them.

Third, you start with the exact same stats as anyone else. Call your navi the fastest if you want-- it has no bearing. You can make sig attacks later that can *make* them the fastest in the network, and you can upgrade your Speed stat, but that's then and this is now. Now, you start at the same place as everyone else.





That is my recommendation to you!

Why dont you re-read my application?

And I don't really care about ruling over everyone.
Gun Del Hel?
Eh, originality breach detected. Please, rename.

Remove Darkchip reference in P.E.T. mods.

That is all... for now.
Alright, you're tentatively approved.

GET: Starter Pack

Go post your Operator and Navi profiles in the respective forums. Check the rules for details.

Read up on how to play the game, post to introduce yourself, jack in, and start enjoying yourself.

Welcome to RE:RN.