Marius / Voulge.EXE

Rebirth from Alphonse/K
Operator: Marius Eirenikos

Age: 20

Gender: Male


A young BrightLander (European) who's dressed formally with white coat, black dress shirt, red necktie, white dress pants, brown leather shoes, and he has a black leather shoulder holster which holds his PET. He always holds his coat over his shoulder from a habit of his and always keeps his PET by his side. Marius' hair is long, clay brown, and unkept. His eye's color alters in different shades of lighting: Normally, the color would be dark brown. When the light shines towards the eye, it turns to dark crimson. In a dark shading, his eye color changes to Red-orange. His skin is slightly pale with a small horizontal scar over his neck from his days as a police officer. For his accessory, he wears a metallic bracelet with an insignia of a pole arm etched over it on his left arm and couple of silver rings on his right arm. [Speech = Gray]

Personality: As a fresh graduate from the BL Guisarme Police Academy with one of the highest grades and performance, Marius tend to be strict and tight in necessary situations. Due to his scar over his neck, his voice is limited in volume and pitch. He is friendly and very generous, trying to keep the image of the old fashioned police officer. However, he sees that his actions are always righteous and true, despite the damage and harm it might do to the others. In the end, the results from his actions are assuring. Because of this type of behavior, he was permanently kicked out of the BrightLand police force and moved to Electopia to find a new job. He treasures his PET and his bracelet because it was a gift from the academy and reminds him of his former glory.

PET Modifications: A large golden emblem of a pole arm is set on the middle of the PET (The emblem of the BL Guisarme Academy). Installed in the PET is a police radio (Sadly, only tuned to BrightLand station, not Electopian), Holographic visual screen of the net through Voulge's POV or 3rd Person and a holographic image of the navi, a video camera directly linked to his home (Originally to the police station), and a database record of high class netcriminals. The color of the PET is blood crimson with gold stripe on the side.

Story: In BrightLand, Marius' activity in the field was improving with high results along with his civilian casualty. Because of his casualty toll, he was forced to be resigned from the BrightLand Police Department and permanently banned from any other police activities in BrightLand. Marius headed to Electopia in order to pursue his new job, but wasn't able to hold onto a job because of the same problem. After getting tired of job searching, Marius decided to head to the streets for a walk until he saw K and Alphonse fighting a enigmatic man with a standard navi in the park. Alphonse lost the match, but mainly due to the sudden change in the opponent's navi. The navi started to drain important data from Alphonse, who was rendered helpless due to the battle. Marius immediately took action with his navi, Voulge.EXE, and started to fight off the navi before it permanently erased Alphonse. Voulge emerged victorious, even when the opponent was obviously modified illegally. Before Voulge was able to redirect the data stolen from Alphonse back, the majority of the data was set into Voulge's system. Marius, as his thought was to use this newly received data for his own use, lied to Alphonse and K, saying that the data was lost. Voulge sulked from Marius' decision, but went along with him and soon parted from Alphonse and K. Marius immediately returned to his home, hoping to try the data online for a test...

Name: Voulge.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Sword

Appearance: Voulge's visual age could be compared to a male in his mid 20's, height of 6'2", and approximate weight of 200 lbs (with the armors). His hair is black and ties it to a short ponytail, crimson eye, and slightly red tanned skin. He wears a full set of silver mail over his upper body with a red leather brigandine over it, a Pauldron on his right shoulder with a pair of metallic gauntlets for his arms, and a full, crimson color dyed, light plated armor for his leg and feet. Voulge's emblem is a single pole arm on the middle with small, different shaped spear weapons on the red background. The emblem is placed on the right side of the brigandine. [Speech = Red]

Personality: Voulge's usual personality could be compared to a stone. Absolute with very very dull expressions. Even Marius don't have the slightest clue of what type of emotion he is feeling. Voulge does, however, has absolute loyalty towards Marius and follows nearly every command listed by him. He believes that Marius' action is for the greater good, but he feels remorseful when he is forced to injure or harm the innocent for Marius' plan. Voulge sees other navis as "Innocent Citizens" and feels the responsibility to be protect them. He is always seen carrying his weapon no matter what, similar to his operator, and treat it like it's own limb.

Custom Weapon:
Avaria-Lancea: A short rapier like weapon with an extended hilt with a wide bronze grip on the middle, a diamond tipped flattened blade, and ornament rubies with varying shapes on the throat of the weapon. At the very end of the weapon is a long, thin, unbreakable platinum chain which keeps the weapon near Voulge all the time. The color of the blade is charred black, the hilt colored dark orange, and a blood red cone shaped throat. The blade has the power to transform into many shapes and size of a pole arm, javelin, lance, and even harpoons; All depending on the type of rubies encrusted on the throat of Avaria-Lancea. It also has the power to add or change Voulge's armor. When the weapon transforms, it emits a strong flash of light and morphs into the desired weapon(s) and armor. The weapon in its original form is handled many different ways; such as a rapier, a javelin, and a spear.

Default Attack:
Ruby Assault: Voulge takes the Avaria-Lancea and directly strikes the enemy with it. Since the weapon has multiple functionality in it's original form, it could be used to stab the enemy multiple times as a rapier, pierce the enemy in mid range as a spear, and even throw it towards long range/flying enemies as a javelin (Which can be retrieved by the chain connected to the weapon).

[3 (ATK) x2 (RPD) x2 = 12 Damage]

Charged Attack:
Blood Massacre: A similar attack from the default "Ruby Assault," but the Avaria-Lancea changes into an improved version of it's original form with longer blade and hilt and a extended throat with a design similar of a expanding angel's wing. The rapier function improves as Voulge stabs faster and stronger, piercing and slashing violently as a spear, and the javelin become more effective due to the extended throat's added aerodynamic to the weapon and the extended chain.

[3 (ATK) x2 (CHG) x8 = 48 Damage]

Signature Attack:
Grandis Attero (Great Impact): The Lancea transforms into an oversized jousting lance, complete with a set of jousting armor. Voulge assumes stance with his lance on his right arm and his leg quickly positions into a right ground. Voulge madly dashes towards the enemy with the lance aimed straight towards the torso (or any other open spot) of the enemy. When contact between the lance and the enemy is made, Voulge fiercely thrusts straight through. The lance is made out of silver metal, designed with a Renaissance art style angel barely clothed with a single white cloak holding a long sword straight towards the tip of the lance. Red and silver spiral designs are colored on the background. The additional armors are very simple: a single silver breastplate with the Voulge's emblem on the middle, a shoulder and arm garments for the right arm and a larger, heavier shoulder garments on the left arm, and a full sallet helm. The armor is specifically designed to keep Voulge balanced and straight as he runs with the heavy lance.

[40 Damage {40} / Break {20} / Melee {Free} / 2TCD] = 60 Points
A few thoughts after reading through:

-Is BrightLand mentioned in the games at some point? 'Cause I'm not sure if I can let you just make up a country on the spot. <__<

-Okay, maybe that transfer story is a little too vague. I'm sure it will make more since once you write it up in full, but could you maybe just add a touch more detail for now? Like... Why was Alphonse fighting that guy? Who was that guy? Why was Voulge there? Things like that.

-Avaria Lancia is versatile. Very versatile. Make sure to remember all these transformations are pure fluff unless you have a sig or something to back it up. Also... I'd rethink the long range form, personally. Javelin means throwing away your custom weapon, which is generally a bad idea. <__<

-On a more mechanical note, Grandis Attero is 2TCD, not 1. Sigs are only 1TCD up to 40 points. Anything past that and up to 80 is 2TCD. You'll get used to it pretty quickly, I'm sure.

Other than that, great start. I personally cringe at the thought of another Normal/Sword, but don't let my opinion stop you if that's what you want.

-Supposedly there is a BrightLand...That's what Shin said, but personally, I had no idea.

-Like I said, I made that little sentence in like...30 second. I'll try to improve the summary to a standard level rather than super tl;dr level >__>

-I made the idea of the Custom Weapon BEFORE I saw and read the new sig system. I'll try to put in some stuff, but nothing way too fancy and unbalanced. And, I also thought about the javelin idea...Maybe I should add a chain in the end?

-My bad :'P

-I had no idea so many people hated Sword type...I even changed it from Fire/Sword to Normal since everyone didn't like fire type too...Blah.
-Yeah, Pocket told me it exists. So you're clear on that.

-Please do. I'm not sure I'd be willing to approve a transfer like that if there wasn't such a low precedence. <__<

-You can still have the armor changes and all that. It just can't do anything. XD

And a chain on the end would work fine. Trust me, you don't want to be throwing away your weapon without a way to get it back.

-No worries.

-I'm just going on statistics. 30 Normal/Swords, 31 counting Voulge. In contrast... There are 9 Fire/Swords. So take that for what you will. It's still your choice in the end, of course.
Works for me. Approved. Carry over from Alphonse GET.