Hey, I just got my comp back, re-installing stuff.

I got new java like the window says, I even restarted my comp, yet I still get the window

You are using an older version of Java. Although you can still access this ParaChat room, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest Java version for the best chat experience. You may upgrade now for free by visiting: http://java.com

And when I log in I get:

Access Denied. This room has not been configured to operate on this web page.
To access this room, please visit: http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork, http://www.z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork


thank you...
Try using Firefox.

Firefox, in my experience, can get past the "this board is not configured" jib-jab. You're using a Windows computer, I surmise, so your situation might be different. It couldn't hurt to give it a try, though.

Please don't start another rant on the subject. It's completely free forever and ever until the end of time, and you'll only have to put up with it for however long you're chatting.
well....I doubt I will use anything other then I.E...Becuase my mom thinks firefox has something to do with my computer being so slow last time. It sucks, cuz I was using it b4 too >_>

EDIT: Mom had no idea what it was even though I said "internet browser" 5 times.
She thinks she can't use I.E if I get it, and she doesn't understand she can click a diffrent icon than Firefox to use I.E...so I think I'm screwed.
Your mom strangely reminds me of mine...

Just get it anyway (its not like its so hard to download it) then delete the clues from the desktop, and use the start menu instead when you wanna use firefox. If your mother can't figure out what a browser is, she won't figure out this either.
Also, check the domain when you get that message. If instead of 'z10' it says 's10', you're going to have to manually swap the s to a z. It should work then.

If not... well, I dunno. ;~;

Firefox is the work of the devil. And the devil never fails.
Well, when I first updated Java there was a Java Icon in the icon bar on the bottom right. Do I need to start something up for it to work right? It won't even say there's Java 1.3 even though I keep re-installing the latest.

also, I am getting script errors again. But anyone who rembers them should know it was from the multiple banners and such :P.
UPDATE: I know the problem. This browser is basicly IE based. It's sort of like a skin to it. Well it's screwing with my java applets at least...all fixed. I just need to use the REAL IE to get ti to work ^^