The heck is this?

(If you have no idea what I mean... ))

Before anyone says anything, Understand that I just had my registration rejected. I'm pretty cool with that, I could have changed it or come up with a new idea, but what the hell.

Quote (Twi)

-The Administrative Team reserves the right to refuse profile edits or signature attack registrations for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, or no reason at all.

Ok, my ideas stupid.

But it follows all damn guidelines. Even if it had one minor "mechanical issue" couldn't I just work with staff to fix it?

But instead, it's rejected because Twi thinks it's stupid. Maybe it is stupid. But because Twi dosen't like it, It's rejected.

I'll give in if someone gives me a good answer. If not, I think theres a bit of a change in order.
And by the way, I had to check this but I don't believe this is writen in the rules or anything.

Even the admin of had the courtisy to warn about that.
So you are bringing this up in the suggestion forum, why? To whine and complain? This sort of thing is really best reserved for PMs. If you feel there is a problem, then PM one or all of the other admins and ask for a second opinion. Don't create another topic to complain in some weird attempt to stir up member support.


EDIT: And the point was a suggestion to have this changed but whatever.
To have...What changed exactly? The Adminly ability to reject things? That is why there are more than one admin. Checks and balances. Feel you've been shafted? Take it up with someone else with "Powers".
What I ment was that if something fits within the rules, including no uber powers, why the hell should they be able to reject it?
Because it sets precedents for other things to get approved. Certain things, while not technically rule breaking, have a possibility of becoming rule breaking after the fact. For example, a sig that was approved and is technically fine, but in use it become hax.
Not what I ment...

I ment like... if the sig attack for lvl 1 is:

50 DMG NAVI A farts on opponent causing deadly odor damage
3 turns cooldown

What I mean is that if something is MECHANICLY ok, and is not hax in any way such as "O yeah I make 50 clones of myself" then shouldn't it be ok, even if it is stupid?
................................................................... For Red Cross, Junior wears a skirt. Back at CN, Shuryou used a dummy account to pass a navi who used panties as weapons. Tons of 'stupid' things get passed. I'm guessing Twi saw this as another one of your 'OMG! I'm special' plots, which is why he shot it down so early. Like Zan said, if one of the Admins is just being an ass, the other admins can easily call BS on the other one and confer with the other staff members to override the decision. Really, I see this as exactly the kind of things parents do: "No because I said so". They know its a bad idea, they know it'll end in disater, so they just say no and don't feel like explaining themselves. Theo, you've tried to have some pretty crazy stuff approved in the past. Giving rational reasons to irrational ideas can be tiring after a while, especially if its the same person.
...Phoenix's a cannibal. Is that stupid?

Well, anyway, I just wanted to comment on your example, omega. That sounded like something for Fartman, a Navi I made for the Free Villians thread.

Quote (Phoenix)

...Phoenix's a cannibal. Is that stupid?

No. It's an original character trait.

@Theo: There's a line, Theo.

On the one side of the line is almost stupid, original character traits (I dare you to find 6 characters who are cannibals, for example).

On the other side of the line is stupid, copycat, and unoriginal character traits or ideas.

Having more than one navi (In any way, shape or form) is one of them. Now, I'll admit, we've let by some people with more than one navi, or at least the equivalent of more than one navi, but most of those people did it damn well or at the very least had a good reason for doing what they did.

Your profile edit displayed neither, and that is why I rejected it. Eon's apparently more forgiving than I, because he's willing to POSSIBLY let it by if you can give him a good reason FOR us to let it by.

PantsuMan's charged attack was thinking of perverted/naughty stuff which caused the panties to grow black which would create a bigger explosion. I'm guilty of retarded stuff.

But yeah, this stuff smelled like a RASS rip-off.

Please look at this thread again:
I wouldn't call it a rip-off, but you have to admit it does seem similar to Rass. Just a few changes, and it'll be fine.
Eh. Thats cool. Majins answer made sense I suppose.