Strategic mission

I have an idea for a new type of mission.

While it needs a better name, these would be run with much more stratagy than the current ones.

Basicly, while the current missions are "Ok mate! Lets go find the packages! ___ Started walking around looking for the packages"

If you ask me, this can get boring, so I want to suggest a new type of mission thats more like the subplot I never got passed.

I can see this working in three ways:

1. Evangelion style.
-Group or single
You get debriefed with all the known info to take down a target. The mission should be beyond the normal limits of the NAVI to power thru, so stratagy needs to be taken to get thru. Terrain can be known or not.

Basic info is known on the enemies/objectives, but suprises should be ever present.

2. Zeonic Front style.
All info and weakpoints are known in general
Mission should be JUST within the reach of the users, and should always be in teams.

You get more rewards for using stratagy as well as the quality of posts.

Also, terrain is given, and position of enemies (with the exception of things such as obscuring terrain, in which a small area is given)

3. Mission control.

Basic info is given, and the objective can be anything. However, the mod also can play "mission control." Allowing the mod to set up traps ((Watch out, theres an odd energy signiture ahead)), allowing you to set up traps by knowing the enemy is coming, or if you want to be a jack ass, say things like "Enemy coming!" TRAP!!!

I think it's a good idea. It's work so it wouldn't happen much, but hey.

If anything, I think this would also be good for normal subplots.
Missions are already fairly broad in what they can do. Mods are able to organize most of these things already, it's just a matter of the mod's decision to incorportate him, so I wouldn't say this actually differs from the current idea...

For examples, Tetra was already given the option of fighting either the viruses or main navi in one of his missions recently. Navis are also currently protecting data packets, and there have also been traps in the past. I think all of these things are kind of already within the realm of what one can do with a mission, it's just that they're not always incorporated.

The only thing really making missions dull at the moment, in my personal opinion, is the inevitable slow pacing of them. But of course, there's not much to be done about that other than simply switching to solo busting...
I like all three ideas, but there's no need to introduce new things in order to use them.
I'd be more than happy to utilize some of these things...But not all members would want such missions. Some members prefer the simple, straight forward approach.
I know, but I'm saying a variant of one of these, or several would be awsome.
I was planning something like this for a Labyrinth styled event sometime. Maybe a Tales of the World 3 kind of event too...