Albert is somewhat short with glasses and medium length black hair parted down the middle. Recognizable by his tennis shirts and jeans, he looks much younger than he actually is and is often mistaken for a high school student.

A procrastinator but dedicated to the tasks that interest him. Forgetful and with a tendency to make assumptions, he often ends up remembering his assumptions as facts. Furthermore, he isn't very reliable or punctual, likely due to his poor memory. On the rare occasion, he may come up with genius ideas but it is hardly enough to redeem is character flaws.

PET Modifications:
A default blue PET with a lot of scratches with a piece of duct tape holding it together.






Failureman is covered entirely in bandages except for two small cracks on his face where his eyes show through. He wears a bulky piece of armour that covers the top half of his torso and two plates along on his right arm. His navi emblem, an upper case 'F', is situated on his chest just under a cleft in the armour. His left arm looks tubular, ending in a series of long bandage-like fingers. He wears a belt with one strap falling straight down in a disintegrating end and an interlocking hexagonal buckle. Two bandages protrude from his back that flap very gently on their own.

Failureman is mellow and kind of dull; he's not easily excitable but easily amused. He sometimes repeats himself if he gets stuck in a loop. However, he is a very devoted navi and appreciates Albert's constant efforts to upgrade and improve him.

Custom Weapon:
F-Buster (version 5.0) - A buster that, in addition to shooting normal rounds, is able to reload data in a localized area, restoring its condition.

Signature Attack:
Source Leak - Failureman removes a bandage from his body and splashes his target with some of his code. When separated from his body and without his other routines to fix the errors, even minute traces of Failureman's source can heavily corrupt whatever program it comes into contact with. However, it is still a part of him and the loss of code would be equivalent to a small amount of damage sustained.

Effects - 80 damage (80)
Cost - 60 signature points (60) + Sacrifice 15 (20)
Cooldown - 2 turns
Okay, everything looks good to me, but I can't approve it, not having the rights to do so...

Rather, I'm posting here to congratulate you. I don't think we've ever had anyone call their navi Failureman. I find this infinitely amusing, and as such, give kudos.
You're that friend of Pocket's, aren't you?
Hello! Yes, I am a friend of Pocket's.
Okay. Juuust confirming, because I know I've seen Pocket talk about FaliureMan before.

At any rate, you're approved!

GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack(x2)

Please post your profiles in their appropriate sections, and welcome to RE:RN.