Battle Dome functions

The battle dome is currently closed, and as a normal member, I do not know if it will be opened again for anything else beside events. I also don't know how it functioned on RE:CN...

So, I am writing down all my ideas concerning the battle-dome. They are mostly different type of arena-like ladders. I'll start by the basic description (with an explanation behind it) and plot ideas, followed by a detailed one (with game-mechanics described, such as rewards etc...

The arena could be a great place to test out new game mechanics with the more experienced players. It can be used to test out new custom virii, or how viable the different types are in different situations (1 on 1 battle, or team fights etc..). The system is designed so that players don't have to stay in the arena for long. There are also either preset or small rewards and high difficulty coupled with the entry fee, so it won't happen that everyone is wasting his time in the arena.

1. Navi vs. Virii

This is the system most simple of them all. You enter the arena and fight a predetermined bunch of virii, for a predetermined prize. The data of the virii are stored on a high-security computer. If the virii were to win, there are security routines coded into them that delete them instantly. On higher levels, you might face special enemies.


Job BBS: get data of dangerous undernet virii for the arena.
Trouble!: The comp got hacked and the virii are breaking havoc!
Donation: You donate part of your data to be used in the arena. Who knows, you might even face a dark, mutated version of yourself later on...


Okay, so basically there is a chart where you advance by taking care of virii groups. If you win, you go to the next level, where you face another group, if you loose you'll have to start again. How far you get is recorded, so you don't have to start anew every time you enter. After each fight, your navi is recharged. However, there is a time attack like round limit you have to meet.

Entry Fee: The number of battles in linex50. This is so that people won't just try their luck but go there with a battle-plan.

Rewards: There is a fixed prizes for each group, which is usually NOT money. Navicust, hpmemory, special chips, sub chips etc...

Enemies: The groups start out normal or theme-like (like, a pack of fire virii, a pack of recovery virii, a pack of gun-like virii etc...), but later they turn into solid group-combo formations (like a virii that turns everything into grass panels,+ a fire virii to burn it up + a tornado virii to make a fiery armageddon of doom), that need a specific tactic to defeat (like taking out the grass virii first), or are especially devastating against a specific type of navy (Druidman would be in a fix against the all fire team).

Community: The community can suggest different virii formations, which of the best can be added to the list.

2. Navi vs. Navi ranking

This is a simple 1 on 1 battle involving navis. There is an entry fee from both sides, and bets can be made on the Domes' BBS on very high ranking battles. The winner takes the place of the looser who is bumped down on the ladder.


The top navis would be powerful NPCs. They have great prestige and might appear as allies or enemies in sub-plots or events.
There are also tournaments and stuff going on on the official ladder with prizes and bets


Yeah, its very basic. There are 2 types of ladders: the public and the official. You can only enroll in the official after proving yourself in the public ladder by maintaining a high position for at least 3 battles. When you leave the arena your current profile is saved and added to the Domes' data-bank. When you fight someone on the ladder, you actually fight the profile that is saved (if the creator insists he can roleplay his own navi, if not it is taken care by the mods), so if someone wants to be a top arena member he doesn't have to sit in the dome all day, he can leave, then get back stronger and update his profile. However, he might get beaten a few times while not being there, because you can also request a fight at any time, not only when your enemy is in the dome. You might even fight yourself if you want, to see how much stronger you've got since last time. The number of rounds is limited, the winner is the one who has more HP left at the end.

Entry Fee: 500 Z to enroll in the public league, and another 5000Z to enroll in the official + an entry fee from the challenger for each battle.

Rewards: The amount of Zenny is always based on the difference of level. This amount however is not really high. There is no reward for fighting yourself.

Enemies: As said, the enemies are copies of other players and NPCs

Community: There can be different NPCs suggested.

3. team Navi vs. Virii and Navi vs. Navi (ranking)

The same as the aforementioned ones, except that there are 3 man teams instead of a single navi in each fight.


same as above


Not very much to add here. Simply, instead of one navi, there are 3 man teams participating. In the ranking there are teams instead of singe navis. One navi can be part of one team, and each new team has to pay a registration fee (the teams can be bigger than 3, but there can be only 3 navis in fight at once). Similar to the single arena, the navi teams profiles are saved when they leave the arena. A team can change members, but they have to pay the registration fee again. The rewards and everything else basically stays the same.

4. The betting system

On special occasions (such as 2 of the top netbattlers meeting in the arena), the dome puts up a betting BBS, where you can bet on the outcome, and other different things (first blood, it ends with a K.O. or the time limit expires etc).

Sometimes there can be virii vs. virii fights where you can bet for the outcome; this would be great opportunity for trainee mods.

plot: The usual betting plots that involve bribes and such.
I like the Dark (you) part.
Imagine... Dark Gunner.
Mega-overkill guns with barrels you could fit your leg into...
Disembodied heavy artillery unfolding from near his shoulders like dark steel wings, then releasing a deadly wave of high-yield missiles...
Lightning crackling about his eyes, wreathed in the constant scent of gunpowder and brimstone...
Friggin' awesome.
I have an urge to draw this now.
Limited skills be damned!

People will still be able to just fight each other free of charge, correct?
I'd say yes, as you can fight anywhere for free, why would you have to pay in the dome?
Yesh...Good idea...*Praises self for the Job BBS idea~~~*...*gets smacked*
Gods. This system that ?you? designed RAWKS MY SAWKS!


Er... yeah. I vote that this system be implemented!

But not in a poll. People are making those often enough.
Well, the basic ideas are from a Hungarian "play by mail" game that one of my friend plays...

And yes Goroke, I like the job BBS... You get a smack just in case however *smacks Goroke*
It's interesting...
I'm thinking that the Official fee should be toned down a bit, but then again, we're all just starting out.
5000 zenny is like 5 virus battles in Sharo/Yumland/Electown/Netfrica.
Good system. I applaud you.

Quote (RevivedSin)

It's interesting...
I'm thinking that the Official fee should be toned down a bit, but then again, we're all just starting out.
5000 zenny is like 5 virus battles in Sharo/Yumland/Electown/Netfrica.
Good system. I applaud you.

5000 Zenny is a lot, but it is meant to be that way. Well, this is only an idea that needs lots of work anyway. Glad that you people like it.

((yes this is a shameless atempt at disguising a bump to see if I can get some feedback from mods/other entities dwelling this forum))
Just to tell you, we wouldn't have made the BattleDome if we didn't have plans already. THanks for this thread though.
I had a feeling like that. Still, thanks for the reply.

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Druidman would be in a fix against the all fire team.

I seem to recall fighting three groups of 10+ Champu's with Tempoman right before the move. Once I get a few more levels in, I shall be uber awesome yet again!

Even so, these are cool ideas. As Leon said, however, we're already working on something of our own for there, but maybe we can use some of this stuff. I like the team ideas quite a bit...

The colosseum will indeed be open for public use.

That's all I'm going to say, 'cause I'm tired beyond belief.