Break type

I just realized how big a penalty break-types get from recovery chips. Healing half as much hardly balances out with the 10 HP every 5 levels.

At level 15 (which most people struggle to get to), they only get a 30 hp bonus which is a pretty much the damage sustained from a single attack against the opponents you would normally be facing at that level.

I think that recovery chips should heal the normal amount considering the HP boost isn't so great overall and break types already suffer from crappy dodging. The ability to break guards isn't so great either since not a lot of enemies use guards in the first place.
Point. To the suggestion of using the water panel when water types get the boost, this will be added[/yodavoice]

I see the reasoning.
I have no idea what P.A. is talking about, so I am just going to address Pocket's suggestion....And I agree. Break Types need to be Buffed.
Break types are, im my eyes, more of a PvP 'class'.

As an example... I'll use a critical assassin from RO, as they have a similar trait. If you don't see the correlation, crit sins rely on critical hits to damage opponents, and crit hits in RO ignore defense. Similar to break types being able to go through guards and auras and the like.

Anyways, the crit sin is a terribly slow leveler. It relies mostly on help form other classes early on, when it can't dodge/hit/crit well. This situation improves slightly depending on their equipment (aka our Chips and upgrades). When they have reached a mature level, however, they are highly sought after. This is mainly due to their uncanny ability to cause massive damage to enemies that other classes would be ineffective at killing alone. Much in the same way, a break type navi would be invaluable against, say, Metzilla. Or someone with a shield navicust. Or someone with a buttload of defensive chips.

Anyways, that crappy comparison aside, break types suffer only a minimal penalty to their dodge and hit. So much so, I've honestly never noticed a different between Ayumi's hit rate when I rp well and say, Shoryou's hit rate when he RP's well. I haven't looked extensively into it though.

And that aside, I'll think about some ways to address that. Either by buffing the Break Types or by buffing mettools
And yet you didn't address the main problem...Break types heal for only half, while they get a minute HP bonus as a sort of compensation.
Right, knew I forgot something in that similarities. Crit sins also have minimal HP, and while they have ok dodges, more often than not they die in only a couple hits. They also have no vitality, so healing items that would heal 2k hp on say a full vit crusader heal 500-ish HP on a crit sin.

Yeah, still dodging the question. Let me sleep on it or something. I'll find something yet.
The solution obviously must be buffing break subtype. Two reasons:

1) Like Pocket said, 10 HP every 5 levels doesn't amount to much.

2) The break effect only applies to their charged shot (which, I add, has lowered, accuracy) and those attacks which are particularly excellently RPed. The charge shot, however, is not something anybody's going to need a breaking effect on unless they have a super-powered buster, which is either super-expensive to get or will require buster improving sigs.

But yeah, if these guys are intended to be more like tanks, I don't see why their recovery and barrier strength is reduced...
Leon was actually comparing them to Rogues. ^^;

We could crank the heal/barrier up to 75%.

Or some other buff. The thing is, they have a bunch of stuff that gives them a lot of RP flexibility--so balancing ain't that simple. I'll come up with something by the afternoon.
PA wants the rules for the element water to be changed. He wants the panel to be saced when they use a water chip on it, instead of just simply haveing to stand on it. The panels are going away anyways. No matter.
...Rinku, how does that pertain to Break-type? oo;
See post #2.
Pa's first post had to do with the aqua type...he posted it! xD Crazy.
I don't see what's so wrong with giving break types 100% healing.
Neither do I.
'Cause they're getting extremely powerful effects in battle.

Currently, the idea being tossed around is this, with changes in bold:

Quote ()


Gains 25 HP per HP Memory instead of 20.

Can shrug off pain, stun, timed damage, or knockback (superarmor style) if the thread in question contains examples of excellent RPing.

Recovers 3/4 the normal amount from chips and sigatks. Subchips heal Break types for the normal amount.

Barriers have 3/4 the usual HP.

Charged shot can pierce all defenses, causing 1/2 damage. If there are no such defenses, the shot deals full damage.

Charged shots are less accurate than other types.

Dodges are slightly less effective.

Can smash obstacles, traps, or other things with a good RP post.

How's that?

Quote (Demonstar)

'Cause they're getting extremely powerful effects in battle.

Quote ()

Can shrug off pain, stun, timed damage, or knockback (superarmor style) if the thread in question contains examples of excellent RPing.

Charged shot can pierce all defenses, causing 1/2 damage. If there are no such defenses, the shot deals full damage.

Can smash obstacles, traps, or other things with a good RP post.


1. You've been Rping great this netbattle thread, but are just ever so slightly behind in HP due to a wonderfully executed combo of your opponents. They shoot you with a ZapRing, which would usually paralyze you without fail, but due to your excellent RP skillz you aren't. They also had a timed-damage item out, such as a TimeBomb, and because you RP'ed getting ready for it you weren't knocked on the ground or something to lose another turn. Seems like a good deal to me.

2. Your enemy is a recover type, who can put up a near infinite amount of barriers and guards with their charge attack and folder. Any other type would be screwed, but your awesome breakness goes right through those guards and shields to injure the source of the problem. Especially great in netbattles where you'd have a recover type hiding behind other navis acting as a healer/buffer.

3. Destroys traps and obstacles? There goes any rockcube/airshot combos (200Dmg, mind you) as well as other items like TimeBombs, possibly (again, a ton of damage negated).
I'm considering the virus busting applications of not being able to heal as efficiently. If a virus knocks off 20 HP, it's not restored in the next round but with healing chips at work you can potentially end a battle with more health than you started with.
The thing is, you have a bigger health pool. If you could heal that up as fast as everyone else, you have a massive advantage leveling, yano?

Hence the penalty on healing/barriers.
And, although I know virus busting is your reference, if you had a break type down to 10HP and tried to finish them off, only to have them fully heal with a Recover150, would you really want to go through trying to hack them down again? Remember that your guards, auras and barriers are more or less useless against them. =D

Also... I was a break type form the beginning of the release of subtypes. I personally never had any problem busting, but I never went for sprees of more than 6 or so at a time due to laziness and boredom.
It's not THAT much bigger. I'd say that +30 HP per HP mem would be significantly bigger.

8 hp mems = +80 bonus = 1 wideshot = 1 cursor type markcannon = sword