Steve and DruidMan.EXE

Name: Steve
Age: 20
Gender: Male

5'9", 225lbs. Long, brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. Brown eyes. Wears olive cargo shorts and a tan tee-shirt, green Converse shoes, and a long, green canvas coat over it all. Also wears dark black shades with green frames. (See PET Modifications.)

Intelligent and personable, and really fun once he opens up. Often goofs off and toses out wise cracks. And by often, I mean a lot. As in, he pretty much does it all the time. He looks like someone you wouldn't want to mess with, but is still a practical joker and is a blast to be around. Also a tad exasperated, usually when he's fed up with DruidMan, which is rare. Willing to stand up for others, particularly his friends. Also feels that there are pros and cons to every side of an argument, so he takes awhile to takes sides in conflicts, if he even does so at all.

PET Modifications
Steve's shades are connected to his PET, allowing DruidMan.EXE to see exactly what he sees, as well as allowing DruidMan.EXE to talk to Steve via text displayed on the inside of the lenses. The PET is also custom forest green in color.

Name: DruidMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Type: Wood

A wild look of unshaped potential, DruidMan is covered in various leathers and furs of the viruses DruidMan has destroyed. Has long, tangled brown hair and fierce green eyes. He stands taller than most Navis (The human equivalent to six and a half feet), but is still quite quick on his feet. Uses various elemental based 'magic' attacks. DruidMan, having extensive training in the 'wilderness', can 'track' viruses. He does this various ways, and he can do this in almost any condition. Weak versus fire, which is ironic, as he uses fire magic just as much as other types.

Laid-back to the extreme, but still respects and sees the order of the universe, the Net is his place, and the natural beauty of unprocessed code appeals to DruidMan. DruidMan is somewhat of an intellectual, but you'd never be able to tell talking to him. He has several speaking mannerisms, such as adding, 'man' and 'dude' to his sentences, and says things like "Peace Out" and "Stay Cool". He realizes that, while he is the result of scientific exploits, his personality directly conflicts with the basis of his origin. He finds the irony in this amusing. Once he befriends you, he is a fierce ally, and will not stand down in his views, which he is sure to have, as his many travels have wizened him and he has an opinion on almost everything. DruidMan is occasionally overcome with an uncontrollable rage. This usually only lasts for a short while, and is fairly rare.

Custom Weapons
Elemental Scimitar - DruidMan's scimitar is a divine focus for his druidic spells. However, it is impractical to focus all of his spells into a sword, so he has two other focuses, as well. One is a leather pouch on his belt, which magically produces all bomb and other thrown chips. In addition, this pouch is where all Zenny, chip data, and other data found is placed to be transferred to the real world. The third focus is a device strapped to his left forearm. Normally it looks like a bracer and gauntlet combo, decorated with leaves and several small sapphires. When used, however, it becomes similar to spring loaded launcher. DruidMan only uses this focus for non-elemental long range attacks. If pushed into a corner, DruidMan can use his scimitar like any other bladed weapon. (Regular Attack is a jab with sword (Attack*Rapid Normal Damage), Charge Attack is slash with scimitar charged with natural magic (Attack*Charge*4 Wood Damage.)

Signature Attacks
DRUIDMAN.EXE LEVEL ONE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Entangling Heat Force: DruidMan shouts some form of "ENTANGLING HEAT FORCE!!!" Then summons vines from to ground to bind his target, dealing 20 Wood damage, super-focuses fire into his scimitar and leaps toward his target, slashing and hacking, dealing 40 more Fire damage. DruidMan then requires 4 turns to re-attune himself with nature to use the attack again.
DRUIDMAN.EXE LEVEL ONE POINT FIVE ALPHA SIGNATURE ATTACK: Razor Tornado Force: DruidMan yells out "RAZOR TORNADO FORCE!!!" Then a mighty wind kicks up, blowing razor sharp leaves across the area, dealing 40 Wood damage to one enemy. The wind continues to blow, forming a tornado that picks the enemy up, then drops them back down for an additional 40 Wind damage. It takes 4 turns for the winds to die down so DruidMan can use the attack again.
DRUIDMAN.EXE LEVEL TWO SIGNATURE ATTACK: Driving Storm Force: DruidMan shouts out " DRIVING STORM FORCE!!!" DruidMan uses his powers over nature to summon a giant storm, which brews and strikes and enemy with a lightning bolt for 60 Elec damage. He then pulls several large wooden pikes from the ground, which he drives into the enemy, dealing an additional 40 Wood damage. DruidMan can also fork the lighting and pikes to split the damage between two different enemies, if he so chooses. DruidMan then requires 6 turns to fully dissipate the storm in order to use the attack again.

GMO Files
DRUIDMAN.EXE GRAPHICAL MODEL OVERRIDE: NORMAL: DruidMan's normally long tangled hair becomes straight, and pulled back into a neat ponytail. His green eyes turn a neutral gray color. His normally unkempt look vanishes, and his leather armors change into a suede suit. His scimitar turns into a rapier. While using this GMO, DruidMan appears to be a Normal type Navi, although his abilities and statistics do not change.

Soul Crosses

((Okay, I edited out the stuff that won't fly anymore. Registered my starting GMO, both my sig vouchers, (Unavailible until I reach the proper level) Now then, down to the nitty gritty. I'm keeping these chips: Wideshot and Heatshot. And these Navicust: HP+50. I'll also be getting two HPMem. One last thing to ask: I had 7000 someodd zenny from 'before,' which I has intended to use on a Speed Upgrade, but I never got the chance. So... Could I get it?))
Steve, Skyrender's idea was that you choose 2.

You've got 4 lined up there, bro.
Oh, you mean two of the four things in the announcement?

Geez, I need to read these things better.

Okay, I want the sig vouchers and the HP+50, then
It looks good.


GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

Don't get the 1.5 or 2.0 until Level 5, tho. ;p