Calais Stowbucker and Riff.exe

Name: Calais Stowbucker
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: An average sized slim, purple haired girl with green eyes. She wears a black tank top with a dark blue dragon printed serong skirt. She has a hennah tattoo on her arm and a pendant around her neck which is shaped like an egyptian ankh.
Personality: Calais is usually quiet and gentle natured...usually. Sometimes her tollerance can slip down unusually quickly.
PET Modifications: The PET is dark red with sort of black 'scar' shaped patterns. It is usually found strapped under Calais' wrist for safe keeping. Additionaly Calais is rather techy with other people touching her don't think about it. Calais wont like it and certainly not Riff either....speak of the devil:

Name: Riff. exe
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Wind
Appearance: My basic avatar but to make up for my rubbish spriteing: Riff has basic Red navi armour. Above her chest resides her navi symbol which is a gold Ankh on a black background. She has amber eyes, long brunette hair and a colar around her neck with a gold bell which to take note is part of her cat like appearance. She has red cat ears and tail with a black plumage. The rest of her is the basic human navi appearance. Small additions of her appearance are the red trenchcoat with yellow lacing and black boots and gloves.
Personality: Riff is like Calais very quiet but lacks the firey temper of her net-op. She is very loyal to her comerades and will do anything (within reason) to help. She however is an assassin based navi.
Custom Weapon: Riff weilds a pair of golden sickles that are holstered to her back. She doesn't usually use summoned weapons other than battle chips.
Signature Attack: (I read the rules but I'm still not sure how it works. If someone could give me a bit more advice when they reply, that would be lovely darlings. Thankyou.) Assassins creed: Riff's posture changes into a backwards slouched standing position and sways side to side, her sickles glow making a sort of hypnotic dance which then Induces illusion.
(Illusion effect. Cooldown 2)

Riff.exe My sprite. No clicky without permission.
Sorry, kiddo, but you start out with 60 signature attack points to use and Invisibility costs 80. However, it does seem illusion only costs 50 points, if you just want to go with that. If you want it to randomly vary, I'm not sure how much that would cost exactly, but my guess is it'd be at least 65 points, which would be a bit out of your reach. I'll try to get someone who is more in the know on Random effects to deliver a verdict, though. In any case, there is two more things your attack needs and that is a description and cooldown. The first should be self explainatory. For Cool Down, it'd cost you a turn for every 40 points, rounded up. Since I assume you'd be using all your points, this would give you a Cool Down of 2.

Well, that's the main issue with your profile. The rest of it seems fine, though I'd still like to comment on it a bit. First of all, since your avatar may change throughout your course of being here, I recommend you stick your sprite in with the rest of your profile. Also, just to clarify, it is an original sprite correct?

In any case, hopefully that was a bit helpful. If not, just ask for clarification and hopefully someone more knowledgable than me can find time to comment.

Edit: Talked to a guy. Apparently, for random effects, it'd cost the highest number of points out of the set of possibilities. In this case, it'd mean your Signature Attack would cost 80 points, which is a bit out of your range. I'd advise just going with the Illusion affect for 50 points, which would leave you 10 points left over.
Thankyou very much. I'll change that immediately.

Yes I do my own spritework, as terrible as they may be. XP

Everything seems to be in order.


GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1

Post your profiles in the proper areas, and welcome to RERN!