Arcadius and Omega-Zero


Name: Arcadius
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Arcadius is some-what tall at 5'8". His hair is a dirty-blonde color which is sort of long and most of the time his bangs cover the right side of his face. His eyes are a bright color of hazel. He always wears a sip-up hoodie of a black or gray color and on the back bares Omega-Zero's symbol, the Omega sign with a bigger zero around it. His t-shirt under his hoodie is sometimes exposed, which is big and its color is either black or blue and the front says "Omega" in big letters. His jeans are baggy and have holes on the knees [usually] and come in two colors, blue or black. The shoes he wears are also black and white, are usually loosely tied and on the occasion the laces come out. He sometimes wears a black and gray striped beanie [the black stripes being larger then the other] that has a little black color brim off to the right side at a diagonally angle. His P.E.T. is located on a case on his black cloth belt, which holds his pants up, just barely. And the most interesting feature of Arcadius is the scarf he wears. It's some-what lengthy and is in a black color with gray sidings on it, stitched together with cyan colored thread.
Personality: Arcadius is a lazy kid, in school that is. When it comes to hacking and working with computers he's alive. He always spends his time alone, since he has not too many friends due to his quite-like nature. He's considered popular, but he doesn't let that get to his head like many other kids do. His lazy nature is only there because all his classes are too easy, and the school won't bump him up to more advance classes because of his grades. But, he never talks to people he doesn't know, or to people he doesn't like. Most of the time he only talks with Omega-Zero.
P.E.T. Modifications: His P.E.T. look like the newest P.E.T. but is gray with gold trimmings and has the Omega-Zero symbol on the the back of it in cyan. His P.E.T. has a special port of it that allows his P.E.T. to jack into any kind of port, wired or not, which he custom built him-self.


Name: Omega-Zero [Omega OR just Zero for sort]
Gender: Male
Element: Electric
Type: Sword
Appearance: Omega-Zero has the distinct appearance of a rouge or a thief of some sort. His body is average sized for a navi and is colored gray and gold for most of his body except for the hints of cyan in his armor. He has a white make that only exposes his eyes and mouth. His eyes are black and you can't see if he has hair or not. He has a gray scarf on that he can use to cover his mouth in battle or when necessary. His gloves and boots are gold. He has two gray colored spikes that jet out his gloves that transform into his weapons.
Personality: Omega-Zero is just as quite as Arcadius, and only talks with him and a select few. When it comes to making friends with people, Omega-Zero is always up for it. He likes to have company, sometimes, and is usually the leader but doesn't mind following. Omega-Zero usually asks Arcadius for everything, unless he has made a well thought through plan.
Custom Weapon: Omega-Zero has two weapons that act as one. On his left hand his glove has a spike coming out of it which he can make turn into a curved dagger. His right hand, his glove also posses that same spike but transforms into a large sword, which is slightly curved all the way up and is sometimes mistaken for a Nodachi, but really is a Katana. Why does he have two different types of weapons, well, let's just say he can.
Signature Attack: Zero-Strike- Omega-Zero combines both weapons, creating a large two-handed buster-saber, which he then runs up dragging the sword on the ground and upper-cuts the virus with an electric blow, doing 30 damage and stunning the enemy for 1 turn[2 turn cool-down]
Two things stick out at me first and foremost. One, you need a netop personality. Second, you can't have a navi that's just a Zero recolor. There's probably more, but these are the big things that should be fixed before you recieve more advice.
ok, all edited. Is it ok now?
It all looks good.

Now, about the sig and your question. First of all, 60 damage is only a 2 turn cooldown, FYI. Second, if you want to add Stun (the kind of paralysis you are talking about) it costs 30 sig points, which you've used all up on the 60 damage. So, your sig can either do 30Elec Damage with Stun, two turn cooldown, or 60Elec damage without Stun, two turn cooldown. Your choice.
ok then...i'll take the 30dmg with stun!

GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Charge+1, Attack+1

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