Jaden Hiroteshi and Axis.EXE

Name:Jaden Hiroteshi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: A tall, black suited 18 year-old. He has curvy black hair and black-rimmed glasses which show his blue eyes as well as black leather gloves. His shoes are black, with dark blue trim. His muscles are somewhat skinny for his age, but they still fit the suit. His left cheek has 2 scars in the shape of an "X" due to a run-in with CU's gun-turrets.
Personality: He likes to lie... 60% of the time. He's very hard to get used to in his goings and comings and is fairly cryptic. He sometimes smiles... but not often.
PET Modifications: It is black and comes with star-shaped patterns on it.
Background Info:

Jaden's, is a long story. It all began with Taru; his father. Taru Hiroteshi was a man smitten by emotional love, but not true love. And so, he married Jaden's mother, Karin, with false hopes. The family soon grew, with 1 daughter and 2 sons. The eldest of the three, the daughter, Deanna, grew up to be a headstrong young woman who carried into the field of radio wave technology like her father. Nagano grew up to wander the world as a rurouni. Jaden, however, grew up with not a plan as to how he would spend his days. In the shadows, however, his fate was about to be decided. Taru Hiroteshi had long divorced Karin, around the time Jaden was 4, but still worked nearby. His reason being that he was the lover of another woman. Deanna discovered this, late at night when she entered his lab to find the two together, so Taru stalled her. However, he knew that he could only stall her for so long, so he did something evil. He constructed a signal emitter that would be virtually untraceable, and very well hidden. He sent the signal to Sharo, via satellites, and then had it beam back.

The result was a 3 way transmitter that could carry navi signals, as well as several other pieces of data. Excited, Deanna dove into work. Tracking it down to try to become the first person to discover the full capabilities of radio waves and data. She stayed at work for 3 months until Taru was ready. He hacked into the Electopian Airport and set a flight path leading directly to his radio lab. He also set up several other incidents like this, but made them more blatant. To divert attention. The plane crashed into the building Deanna was in but not before she was able to find that the signal was headed to Sharo. She quickly realized that the signal in Sharo, was being transmitted back to the radiolab, from the radiolab. Acting quickly knowing that if Taru was dangerous and could end her life in more ways than one, she uploaded a digital version of her onto her laptop, sent it in an email to Jaden's navi, Nihilus, and then resigned herself to fate's hands. Nihilus got the email, but didn't tell Jaden about it. He was not ready emotionally to fight his father.

Taru then inspected the wreckage, confirming her death, but also seeing the laptop intact. He took a quick look at the Parental Controls and realized that she had figured it out. He then took the laptop home to see if she had sent it to anyone. The logs indicated she had, but he couldn't get into the account to see who exactly. He feverishly hacked away at it for a week. Trying password after password. Jaden, meanwhile, went through junior high school. As he did, he grew tired of getting picked on for his weak navi. So, he did like all little boys do and asked his father to upgrade Nihilus. His father obliged, but upon seeing the email, decided to do something dastardly. He swapped out Nihilus' original programming with an old project of his that used bugfrags as the basis of creation. Needless to say, Jaden was happy to have a "unique" navi. Taru, meanwhile simply watched. He hoped that Nihilus would destabilize and then Jaden would be locked up for net terrorism.

With the intervention of 2 nameless friends, however, Nihilus became normal. Happily, Jaden was going to treat the two to an ice-cream sunday in Dentown. At that moment, however, Taru realized his plan had failed and used a small backdoor he created into Nihilus, to take control and send him down into murkland. As he did, he also hacked the Dentown street lights to turn when Jaden was crossing the street. Jaden got hit by a car, and got several minor concussions, amnesiacs, and his spine was replaced by a metal one. He lost his memory, from the incident, however. Making him believe that he was an Official Netbattler. He joined the CU, an anti-netcrime unit, and began to stop crimes everywhere. After a while, however, he and Redemption, his new navi, began to wonder. What had happened? He asked Redemption and was stunned when Redemption took off his helmet to reveal that he was a she!

Deanna, having a mind of her own, had used the brief opportunity in Nihilus' PeT to create a duplicate of herself in the form of navi code. She could only function as a navi, however, and not remember anything before she entered the PeT. She remembered, however, that Nihilus had jumped into Black Earth because of a signal that came from a military base in Sharo. One being used by the Officials. Jaden grew enraged at the thought and swore he would find the official responsible and avenge Nihilus and Deanna. Deanna protested, but he was too caught up. He joined Tantalus, a netmafia variant, in that it was supposed to toughen the ONB up, but it was still criminal. He searched in vain for his sister's killer for 4 months as he bonded with members of the group. Mostly Ayo, the leader. He realized that Ayo was taking orders from someone, but who?

He stayed with Tantalus for a while as they put on a tournament of grand proportions. In the middle of it all. Jaden felt the heartache from never having been loved touch his heart. He went to lake Panatra, intending to wander aimlessly, but a farmer attempted to stop him. He killed the farmer in cold blood. Amy, an ONB gone rogue showed up around that time. Asking what had happened that made him that way. Jaden asked why she had concern for him, as well as other life and she astounded him. A baby crawled out of the wagon, however, and Jaden shot it. Amy cried and for once, Jaden felt guilt for murder. He brought her to a motel where he left her. Promising he would learn how to love one day.

His fun with Tantalus was cut short, however, as they attacked the Electopia NetBattler's HQ. Outside the battle, Shiin, the "leader" of the CU, a general of Nation Z, and the one who had been giving orders to Ayo, morphed into Nocturne. The dark bladed navi. He quickly stabbed Ayo fatally and ran off. Jaden left the battle to try to save Ayo but it was too late. Disgusted he followed Ayo's last instructions. To bury him in Beyondard. The land of the Zoanaroids. He logged Ningyo out of the real world, and Ningyo appeared in front of him. Andera, Jaden's navi at the time, gave the bad news. Ningyo couldn't handle it, and laughed. Andera showed him that humans are fallible, and Ningyo began to have a breakdown. As Andera fought to keep his inner beast down, and Ningyo to stop, Jaden got a delayed message. It spoke of Shiin Taruka. The REAL one.

Ningyo was saved by Jaden in the end. And then ran off to go meet Shiin. Jaden ran it through his head and began his odyssey. To find the reason for Tantalus. To do so, he changed navis again, and joined the ONB under an alias. He then went to go find it out, but got blown up in the doing. Rejected, Jaden went home to work on another project. To build a copyroid for his sister. As he did, Nihilus was called out of the deep by an unknown navi. Nihilus began to gain control over the darkness and remember who he used to be. He blamed his darkness on Jaden and began to hunt him down. Jaden finished the copyroid, and when Deanna gave him the coordinates to the now abandoned military base, he set out.

Deanna piloted Jaden in a V-22 Osprey to the airstrip there, and then he set out to tracing the signal to a warehouse. He entered the warehouse to find it dark and dreary. Nihilus meanwhile, had found an abandoned copyroid and entered it. Searching to make Jaden suffer. He came in behind Jaden and turned on the lights as well as forced Jaden to log into the 3 way transmitter Taru had built. Nanashi and Nihilus fought a long and hard battle, but then DarkScar navis, of Tantalus showed up. After several had been deleted and Nanashi was about to log out. Taru sent a signal to them. Telling Jaden that he had never truly loved Karin, and that he was a failure as a son.

Jaden got out of the warehouse just as Taru blew it up. Nanashi and Nihilus had stayed behind to stall. The two performed Soul Unison and then Cross Fusion together. They became one navi, Axis, and they flew out of the warehouse unscathed in the copyroid*. Jaden then went to go meet Taru at his building. Amy, meanwhile, had left for Taru's apartment on the top floor the same day. Taru revealed to Amy that she was synthetic human, made to destroy Jaden. She had failed once, and was not supposed to fail again. He marveled at her ability to form a free will, but that it could be cast aside so easily by commands.

Jaden executed a daring plot to get inside and when he finally arrived. He threw down his guns to save Amy. Taru, however, commanded her to pick them up and shoot him. At the last few seconds, Jaden convinced her that she had a free will. And loved her. Taru was disgusted by this and Jaden slapped him subtly in the face before carrying Amy up to the roof. Axis was waiting and carried her down. Taru, meanwhile, realized that he had lost. Lost everything. Seeking to have a last revenge, he grabbed a Chinese Broadsword from the wall in his room and stormed up to the roof.

He slashed at Jaden multiple times, but Jaden showed that he had learned a large variety of martial arts during his "hell" of a time hating the ONB, the criminals. And the world. He at last disarmed Taru and he(Taru) asked Jaden to kill him. Jaden did not. Saying,"I am punishing you in the worst way ever. Let it be remembered that no one loves you." And Taru replied with, "And let it be on your conscience, that I died by your hand!" Before plunging the sword into his chest. Jaden left, gaining a large inheritance. but not before being shaken by the scene. His father dying with no one to love him.

*Copyroid was destroyed shortly after.

Name: Axis.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: A tall, light blue armored knight-like navi. Axis has a long black cloak that has stars on it. His helmet has two protruding horns coming out of the sides and he looks very fearsome. Unbeknownst to most, he's actually quite decent at being a ninja, despite his armor. His boots are shinier than the rest of his armor, and carry small spikes sticking out of them. His gauntlets also have curved blades on them, but they aren't sharp enough to do much of anything. He wears a belt, right under the stomach area, which is less armored to allow him to turn quicker. His cloak is indefinitely stuck to him, being as he wrapped it around his helmet to make him look cooler, somewhat like the legendary rogue, Bass.
Personality: Fairly quiet. He only gives his opinion when he thinks it's needed, but likes to think alot... He is quite sympathetic... sometimes. But DOES think of himself as good. Despite being a perv sometimes, or being a ladies man. He doesn't really know which he should be...
Custom Weapon: Kunai Buster: A simple buster that shoots small kunai.
Signature Attack: Shuriken Throw: Axis is adapt at using shuriken and can throw up to 4 from each hand at 8 targets maximum. Each does 5 damage. 1 turn cooldown. 4 x 2 x 5 = maximum hit of 40 on one target.
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Your story is... interesting. I'm not sure if such an elaborate and world-changing backstory would be allowed. Further, if it's a ripoff from anything, you know what happens next. More to the point, references to things like Gospel, Runescape, etc. are discouraged.

Only a handful of people can actually approve profiles, and sadly I no longer have that power. I hate to inflict the task of going over this on someone else, but... yeah.
Well it really doesn't change anything but his views on life, as well as his bond with his navi. I asked Knight and he said that if I said specifically that he no longer has the copyroid, that part would be changed. Second, I'll change that. Lastly, no problem. And last lastly, this story is the result of 9 months RPing... give or take a few plot purposes...
I'm... hesitant to allow all of that stuff into your backstory, but as long as it doesn't become a problem, I'll let it slide.

The rest is okay, though.


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