Logan Smith and Armagohma.EXE

Name: Logan Smith

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Logan is tall (5' 10.5" exactly) with thick brown hair, medium/long length that he wears straight. His left eye is hazel and his right is brown, and he has thin eyebrows.
Logan usually wears a pair of black jeans that are on the tighter side along with a white zip-up hoodie.

Personality: Logan is a complex person with a kindly nature, who can sometimes get a bit competitive, though his morals are never abandoned. He was brought up well by a middle-class family in a small town and then moved to the city. Logan is a bit pugnacious, and he's always looking for a fight.
PET Modifications: Logan's PET is platinum silver, with black lining.

Name: Armagohma (or "Arma" for short)

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Type: Sword

Appearance: Logan's NetNavi, Armagohma, has a humanoid figure, and wears a completely black suit with silverfish grey lining. He wears a helmet that is black also, but with a blood red tinted visor that exposes his eyes, with the rest of his face hidden. He wears black gloves that are much bigger than his hands that can change to reveal either his sword or his buster, and the weapons aren't assigned to specifically one hand, (i.e. he can have one hand being a sword and the other a buster, one a buster, and the other a normal hand, etc.)

Personality: Armagohma has a somewhat staid and sedate nature to his personality. He doesn't have a very colorful persona, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have killer style in combat. He is very loyal to his operator Logan and never second guesses him.

Custom Weapon: Armagohma's custom weapon is a sword. A sword of electricity, that appears as something like a static golden colored flame.

Signature Attack: Lightning of the Heavens (60 dmg, 2 turn cooldown)
Arma raises his sword to the sky and a lightning bolt shoots out of the heavens, hitting the sword and charging the sword with one supreme lightning bolt ranged attack.
Looks okay. Approved.

GET: Cannon, Rageclaw, Shotgun
GET: Undershirt, Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1