Keirebu and Deus ex Machina

Keirebu and DXM replace Vincent and Steelsky.

Suchiiru Keirebu
Age 19 years
Lightly tanned; black hair, brown eyes. Tall, semi-athletic, slim; long arms and legs, suited for running.

Lives in a kinda tough neighborhood, so doesn't go out much unless his destination is college, the store, or somewhere else important and non-local. Critical of mistakes to a fault, but reasonable and intelligent. Studies drafting and programming.

PET Mods: PET is trimmed in stainless steel. A black gear emblem is emblazoned on the back and a strong chain is attached to the top for ease of grabbing.


Deus ex Machina.exe
Elec Element
Break Type

Deus ex Machina is a strange Navi to look at for any length of time. His outline wavers slightly and other oddities only add to the effect; he's dressed in light black armor, which isn't special. The oddities are the thick chains emblazoned with glowing runes that are entwined about his body; constantly shifting with no apparent force driving them. Machina can control them to some extent, but they are quite heavy. He also wears a black blindfold, but maintains full awareness of his surroundings. DxM's hair is completely white and hangs in ragged, spiky locks all around his head.

Machina maintains a mild interest in human affairs, but doesn't really care, though he tries. He is, however, loyal to Kei and will not hesitate to help those he feels like helping; though this list will start out narrow and won't widen much.

He fights for the most part dispassionately, though he concentrates and gains better clarity of mind in difficult battles.

Weapon: Machina, the Chained Blade

The Chained Blade consists of a handle on a crescent-shaped hilt, with the points of the crescent pointed towards the blade. Chains are wrapped about the hilt and bind the blade to it. Chains also wrap DxM's hand when he wields it, for better stability.

Signature Attack

1.0.0: Chain Bind - 40 Null Damage - 2/3TCD - [Optional Clause] 1 turn Recovery (+30 cap) - Holding (-50 cap)
Runed chains erupt from the ground beneath an opponent, lashing them or entwining them for a short time. The intense power focused on them causes them to rust at an accelerated rate, so they don't last long. Also, the mental force of will required exhausts Machina, and the rusted chains take a while to restructure.
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Well, I don't see anything really wrong, technically, but let me warn you...

TOO much dues ex will not be tolerated. I'm not even sure if the name could be allowed. Too much machina will most likely result in godmoding, as well, which is also bad.

Now, I'm still iffy on the new rules for sig stuff, so I'll have to consult the sigsages before I can technically approve you on that.

But aside from the stuff I mentioned, the rest of the profile is approved, as long as you understand you'll lose all your old stuff.
That was the plan, yes.

And it's just a name.. >_>

Bump for actual approval/disapproval.
Okay, sig is no good. A nerf can't be more than half of the cap of the attack.
The Recovery is the nerf. 30 points, one half exactly.

Holding is an effect.
Wait, I don't get it. It deals 40 damage, then heals the virus for 30, then holds them?

I'm afraid I'm missing something here.
It deals 40 damage, and, if I want, holds the enemy and causes DXM to forfeit his next turn's actions.
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Allow me to explain....

DXM's sig is using this nerf: Recovery Time: Add 30 to cap per action. [A nerf. Requires extra actions to recover from the use of an attack Cannot be placed in a signature with free dodges in it. Cannot be used on the same turn with another signature with free dodges in it.]

Basically, the attack deals 40 DMG and has an optional clause to add the "Hold" status, if DMX forfeits one action(Not turn, Silver. Just a single action). It all seems, legal to me, though I am not sure about the optional clause....You may want to ask Pally about it.

P.S. Sorry this is taking so long, Silver. It really is quite ridiculous. I believe that Steve's issue was that he was reading the Recover time Nerf as healing the virus for 30...Simple mistake. I hope I've cleared up the issue and that this can be approved ASAP.
Thanks, Z. You're right, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about.

Well, I'm a little iffy on the optional thing too, but on the other hand, one of my sigs has an optional split on it. Not sure if that's the same thing, but Since you've been waiting an exceptionally inappropriate amount of time, I'm gonna approve you.


Now, if there is a problem with the optional part, we'll have to come back and rework the sig, alrighty?