Daybreak's Signatures

Total sig pool is currently 200

Right Arm, Sun Spear: Fires a beam of light from her metallic arm that is capable of piercing targets... to some extent.
40 fire shot attack + spread1 behind target, 60 points, 2 TCD

Left Eye, Bright Shield: The metallic body of Daybreak's eye shifts, expanding its plates outward into a dome-shaped shield, and affixing one's fist, its sun-pupil facing forward from the knuckles.
2-hit shield, 40 points, 1 TCD

Left Eye, Molten Tears: Daybreak's familiar blinks out tears, unleashing a splash of molten lava that burns flesh or armor.
10 fire shot attack, 40 points, passive

Huntress Harness: Wraps a layer of tightening, heated red silk ribbons in a criss-cross pattern across the body. They pull tight and convert pain to pleasure, or, as Daybreak prefers to call it, God's strength. It also serves to close up bleeding wounds.
30 HP recovery + 20 strengthen, 60 points, 2 TCD