Astraea's Signature Attacks

Attack Name: Fluff
Point breakdown by effect
Points Used (of non-nerf pool)

Starmight: Astraea begins to glow with a silver light, pulling strength from an internal source.
20 Strengthen, 1TCD
Pts Used: 20

Cinder Turret: Summons a bright red egg-shaped turret that spits incendiary bullets at the enemy.
Summons 10hp object that does 5x2 Fire Shot (passive), Acc A , 1TCD
(10 + (5x2)x3 = 40pt)

Upgrading to
Cinder Turret: Summons a 30HP object that does 5x2 Fire Shot (passive), Acc A, 2TCD
30pts + (5x2)x3 = 60 pts
Pts Used: 60

Abductor Unit: Summons a stereotypical UFO shape that holds itself upright on three legs. A tiny, doodle-like image of Astraea can be seen in the cockpit. A small hook dangles on a shabby chain underneath the body of the machine. It throws the hook at enemies in an attempt to catch them and pull them closer.
Summons a 15 HP Object + Passive (5 Null, Thrown + Pull) Accuracy C ,2TCD
15 + (5+10)x3 = 15 + 45 = 60pts
Pts Used: 60

Terraformer: Summons a bot-house is suppose to spawn bots that change nearby panels overtime. Instead summons a bot-house that changes the ground all at once then sends shock waves across the ground.
25 Hp + Medium-Area: Grass + Passive: (5 Null, Ground, Acc B vs Ground, Acc D- vs Airborne.) 2TCD
25 + 20 + 5x3 = 60
Points Used: 60

Point Bookkeeping
80 starting points + 120pts ( x3 Process Upgrades) = 200 pts

Starmight: 20pts
Cinder Turret (new): 60pts
Abductor Unit: 60pts
Terraformer: 60pts
60 x3 + 20 = 180 +20 = 200
200/200 non nerf points used.
Some interesting objects. Approved.