Hyde's Signature Upgrades

I got 9 process upgrades, giving me a total of 420 points by my math (up from 60 points).

Original Signature:

Horror of the Spirit: Hyde produces her bubbling concoction in its flask, takes a draw, and spits it all over the opponent. While doing so appears to rejuvenate her, it has been confirmed in testing that the amount of rejuvenation actually has to do with how much injury she causes the opponent, and has nothing to do with healing properties of the liquid itself. (30 Drain + AQUA, 60 sig points)

New Signatures:

Shady Stim: Hyde produces a large needle with a special concoction designed to put pep in the step of whomever she injects with it... or a crippling apathy, the equivalent of an instant sugar-down. The needles look the same, she can never tell. She basically just jams it on in there! Hyde never uses this on an enemy. Legal red tape due to lack of testing, you understand. (Split Effect: MELEE Haste + 40 Strengthen, OR MELEE Slow + Stun + 10 Damage. Ally or self only.) [40 + 40 OR 40 + 30 + 10 = 80 point average cost, 2 TCD]

Troublesome Tonic: Hyde reaches into her bag and pulls out a classic healing potion, tossing it either to or at the target, depending her whims — er, the precarious control of her arm strength. (Split Effect: THROW 60 Heal OR THROW 80 Aqua, Slashing) [80 OR 80 = 80 point average cost, 2 TCD]

Invasive Procedure: Hyde produces a scalpel... not an ordinary physical scalpel, but a special tool she uses to manipulate code in surgery. As a doctor of unparalleled skill, Hyde can perform a simple operation in a few strokes. Of course, such rushed surgery is bound to have some funny — er, unintended effects... (MELEE 30 Heal + Status Cure + Glitch x 3 + Charge Time 1) [40 + 30 + 20 + 20 + 20 — 30 = 100 point cost, using 30 points of nerf to achieve, 4 TCD]

Vexing Vaccine: Hyde produces a smaller needle with a vaccine originally designed to keep together destabilized systems of certain older Navis, whose out-of-date systems don't hold together so well... Or, maybe this one is a concentrated sample of that same horrible virus, otherwise easily preventable in healthy, up-to-date Navis! (Split Effect: MELEE NC Resistance 1 + Folder Resistance 1 + Sig Resistance 1 + Buster Resistance 1 OR MELEE: NC Uninstall 1 + Glitch) [20 + 20 + 20 + 20 OR 60 + 20 = 80 point cost, 2 TCD]

Mama's Method: Hyde cures a boo-boo by kissing it, or sucking on it, or just licking her finger, or spitting on it... basically, it works as long as the saliva gets there somehow. See? Not all of Hyde's healing techniques have huge potential drawbacks! After all, Hyde sacrificed her dignity long ago, and whoever she's helping usually knows what they signed up for at this point. (MELEE 60 Heal) [80 point cost, 2 TCD]

[TOTAL: 80 + 80 + 100 + 80 + 80 = 420/420]
Approved, to the horror of medical professionals everywhere.