Sigs to the Hilt

lol arbitrarily long delay

140 sig points, level 2 thus basic caps, etc.

Quote (Hilt's Sigs)

Ground Breaker Skill: Avalanche Drop (40 Wood damage, Slashing, Break, 2TCD; 60 points)
Hilt digs Ground Breaker into the earth under his feet before quickly lifting the greatsword up over his head, dragging chunks of stone with the blade. With the powerful sword combined with solid rock, there aren't a whole lot of things on the Net that are going to hold steady when Hilt lets this attack drop down.

Otonoha Skill: Shogekiho (Microburst, 1TCD, 40 points)
Otonoha wouldn't be much of a sonic sword if it couldn't produce a sonic boom. Thankfully, Hilt can do just that with a single swing of his oscillating katana. The blade's frequency is actually too high for anyone to hear, but there is plenty of noise to make up for that when Hilt launches the Shogekiho.

Salvaguardia Skill: Invoke Blessing (30 Heal, 1TCD; 40 points)
Hilt grips Salvaguardia's basket hilt with both hands and invokes the holy blade's simple healing enchantment. Despite the appearance of the energy releasing through the sword, the blessing is actually concentrated entirely in the handle, thus Hilt can actually use this skill regardless of his equipped weapon. He does prefer to trigger Invoke Blessing through Salvaguardia when possible, just for the convenience of having Maya around to operate the process.