Ember's signature changes

New signature set on Process Upgrade #1

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Medicate: Perform a basic first aid procedure that does mild system recovery.
[30 Heal];  1TCD

Dubious Brandy: Apply a strong, alcoholic beverage through an explosive bottle that makes the victim immediately drunk and cause system corruption.
[10 Null + Glitch]; Shooting 1 TCD

Daffy's Elixir: Utilize a cure all beverage that wipes out all forms of system corruption.
[Status cure]; 1TCD
New signature move added

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Barrel Cannon
Fires a high caliber incendiary shot from a retractable cannon hidden within the utility barrel. the kickback hurts Ember upon use but is powerful enough to send a target flying.
[40 Fire + Microburst [Nerf: 15 sacrifice]]; Shooting 2TCD

Safety field
Generates a translucent energy film around a target that nullifies 20 damage before dissipating.
[20 Barrier]