Kreise and Dellosso

Well, I hope I did this right.

Name: Kreise Schwarzwald

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Physical Description: Kreise is a handsome youth with a strong, athletic build and an open, friendly face. Kreise is tall, standing at around six feet three inches and weighs just under two hundred pounds. He has wavy, dirty blond hair and bright green eyes that shine with a wisdom that belies his age. Kreise was raised on the edge of a vast evergreen forest in a small country far to the west of Sharo. His family had lived there for several generations, living off the land and wandering the hillsides and forests. Of course, they were unable to escape the spread of technology and so Kreise has a average knowledge of the technical world outside of his country home. Kreise can usually be found wearing simple clothes, black jeans and a t-shirt with black leather boots and a black leather jacket.

Personality: Kreise is a nice enough fellow, believing in offering whatever aid he can to those in need. Like Dellosso, Kreise is naturally drawn toward others, enjoying the bonds formed between friends. Of course, unlike the hidden issues in his Navi's past, Kreise simply likes being around others. He is part of a large family and being near others grants him the feeling of being part of a whole.
PET Modifications: Kreise's PET is of basic design, lacking any real modifications. The only things that really set it apart are its bone white coloration and the skull motif that is engraved on the back.

Name: Dellosso

Gender: Male

Element(s): Wood

Subtype(s): Sword

Physical Description: Dellosso is an imposing Navi, despite his rather humanoid appearance. He is tall, standing at the equivalent of around six feet, five inches and weighs around two hundred and ten pounds. His body is lean and muscular, the body of an athlete or trained martial artist. He has long, raven hair that hangs loose to fall to the small of his back. His eyes are a subdued green flecked with brown, the color of tree moss. His skin is lightly tanned, a soft brown color that mirrors the flecks in his eyes. He is handsome, though doesn't really notice, with a strong jaw and an open, friendly visage. He is always quick with a joke, though they are usually caustic quips about the ineptness of his foes, and he can generally be seen with some sort of smile on his face. His outfit is very peculiar and vastly different from the fare of most Navi; however, it does serve a practical purpose considering the nature of his abilities. Dellosso is generally topless, his bare chest exposed to the world. Of course, to protect his modesty, he does carry a long, black coat that he wears over his shoulders, the sleeves hanging empty. In battle he usually shrugs off the coat so it doesn't hamper his movements. Dellosso wears a pair of black trousers that tuck into a pair large black boots that lace to mid calf.

Personality Description: Despite Dellosso's rather morbid abilities and penchant for running around half naked, he is a fairly friendly guy. He enjoys being around others, especially pretty young girls, and is adept at securing and keeping friendships. In fact, he is almost unnaturally drawn to others, as though he cannot stand being alone for long periods of time. Of course, when he is alone, Dellosso is much less affable. When transversing the Net alone, Dellosso tends to emotionally shut down. He becomes taciturn and aggravated, easily falling into a rage that turns him vicious. At times like this, Kreise is not sure what to do with him and allows Dellosso as much freedom as possible. The root of these strange behaviors is unknown, but both Navi and NetOp suspect some long forgotten, or suppressed, event from Dellosso's past.

Custom Weapon: Blades of Bone ~ Twin blades of super dense bone jut from his arms, just below his wrists along his ulnas, and reach back past his elbows. Dellosso combines these blades with martial arts routines to deliver swift, precise death to his enemies.

--- SigAttks ---

Name: Might of the Bone Lord
-- Description: Dellosso uses his powers to amplify his skeletal structure. The increased bone density grants his strikes a more solid impact, turning his powerful defense into a powerful offense.

SigAttk Effects: Grants the burst effect and empowerx2 effect to Dellosso's first strike. The empowerx2 effect lasts until the end of the round. (60 Points, 1TCD)
Sry to say this, but there's a stacking clause on the Empower effect, making each instance after the first 5 points more than the last (25, 30, etc) So that would currently cost you 65. You can achieve this through a nerf, but otherwise are currently unable to use the sig as it is. K?

Everything else looks good though, so a small revision to the sig should get you in.
Oh? I wasn't aware that burst stacked with empower...According to the values in the sig effect list, Empower costs 20 with a stack of five so 2x Empower would be 45...If Burst doesn't stack then it would equal 60 exactly. So, does Burst stack with Empower? It doesn't say it does, but I'll go with whatever you decide.


My bad. I was being silly. Yes, the sig works as is. My mistake. Everything looks good, then. Sadly, I lack the authority to approve you.
Well, alright then. I'll just sit and wait.
Looks ok, 'cept the TCD would be 2.

Besides that minor change, your good to go.
Oh, okay. I thought 40-79 was 1TCD while 80-119 was 2 TCD. Whatever though. It is a minor change.
Actually, every 40 points your sig uses is 1 TCD. It also counts if you use any points above 40, but not at the next increment. (IE: 1-40 is 1 TCD, 41-80 is 2 TCD, etc etc)

Approved with the sig having 2 TCD!