Cheshire's Glitch Party

Registering a new sig, and revising an existing one to take better advantage of the cap now that I have the points to do it.

300₧ Total

Taste Test (120₧)
| Drain 25 (50) | Pull 1 (10) | Glitch 3 (60) | Single-Target | 3 TCD |
Cheshire lashes out with her wrapped arm, its composite ribbons unwrapping themselves and grabbing at the target. The victim is pulled a short distance toward Cheshire, while the ribbons themselves suck out a small amount of their life force and spread the corruption that is rampant inside her.

Bad Medicine (180₧)
| Heal 90 (120) | Accuracy Enhancement 1 (40) | Glitch 1 (20) | Self Slow 2 (Cap +40), (TCD -1) | Single-Target | 4 TCD|
Cheshire is able to heal a significant amount of damage, seemingly by sheer force of will. This has the added effect of sharpening her senses dramatically for a brief time, but also draws out the glitches in her programming. These effects can be passed on to an ally instead via close physical contact, but the same dangers apply.
Either way, this is very taxing on Cheshire's stamina, leaving her unable to move quite as deftly until her strength recovers.

Time for a complete overhaul! I got 520 points now, and I'm gonna put them to use.

Little Shadow
It's difficult to do Cheshire any lasting harm -- minor cuts and bruises heal rapidly, and even truly devastating attacks vanish without a trace given enough time. Given close physical contact, she can temporarily mingle her program with someone else's to heal their own wounds.
15 Healing (20)
Passive (x4!)
80Pts | Passive

While she's not quite as fast as more powerful navis, Cheshire's reflexes and combat awareness have been finely honed by years of hunting. By focusing on the situation, she can close with an enemy and make a precise strike with what seems like very little effort.
Movement (20)
Take Aim (10)
Passive (x4!)
120₧ | Passive

Cheshire's core programming is, put politely, a great mess. While other systems keep it in a delicate balance, she can temporarily ease back these protective measures and expose those around her to her severe corruption.
Glitch 2 (40)
Nova 2 (x2!)
80₧ | 2TCD

Black Tongue
By separating her silken arm into its individual ribbons, Cheshire can attempt to grab and hold someone completely at her mercy. She often likes to throw them at something dangerous before they can free themselves. However, she finds it difficult to dodge much of anything while she's holding an enemy.
    Hold 1 (50)
    Freeze 1 (50)
    Glitch 1 (20)
    Microburst (40)
    Self Slow 1 (-40)
120(160)₧ | 4TCD

Soft Shock
A quick attack that allows Cheshire to cross the field in the blink of an eye and strike with piercing speed. It requires a great deal more discipline than Cheshire is used to, though, making her a little slow to start.
Teleport (80)
Break (20)
50 Damage (50)
Charge Burner (-30)
120(150)₧ | 4TCD

That's 520 out of 520 points spent.