213 Sig Attack Updates

I bought two new process upgrades, giving me 80 points to spend.

First of all I am adding 20 HP to my current HP casting sig, making it this.

Machine's Shield: 213 Summons a protective barrier around herself, which locks on to her armor, intertwining with the already existing gears. The armor provides her extra damage against attacks, so that she may fight more for the machine.

40 HP casting 1 TCD

Then adding this.

Refined Metal

213's Frame is constructed from heavily enforced and specially smelted metals. The metals are designed to be able to take a beating, and survive in any circumstances. As such, her core takes less damage from attacks due to her bulky armor and tough defenses.

Damage Reduction 3 (15) + Passive (x4)= 60 Points

Those two, combined with my current 60 point sig, brings me to 140 points spent.
Wow, I can approve this now. Neat.