>Soundman: Reboot

Completely redoing all of Soundman's sigs.

Backing Instrumentals: Soundman's speakers consistently play a faint, calming melody that restores health to either soundman or a nearby ally.
(Heal 20 = 25 pts + 4x passive mod. = 100 pts)

Off-beat: Soundman fires a blast of static at a target foe, stunning it and further throwing it off-beat for a while.
(Stun (Initial hit); Delayed stun next turn, and turn after that.)
(Stun x3 = 90 pts = 3 TCD)

Stable Tempo: Soundman's speakers constantly produce a steady beat which is timed perfectly to blow away attacks.
(1-hit shield)
(20 + 4x passive mod. = 80 pts)

Soothing Melody: Soundman emits a short tune played by harp, stripping a status off of him or one of his allies.
(Status Cure)
(30 pts = 1 TCD)

Primo: Soundman smacks a target with a blast of sound, sending them flying.
(Microburst + 20 damage)
(60 pts = 2 TCD)

Secondo: Soundman sends a sonic pulse rippling through the air, rippling through a target and pulling them toward him.
(40 pts = 1 TCD)

Terzo: Soundman spikes a target high into the air with a burst of sound.
(Microburst, pointed straight up)
(40 pts = 1 TCD)

Definitivo: Soundman forces one of his chips to violently vibrate by applying a subsonic pulse.
(Strengthen 100)
(100 pts = 3 TCD)
Yup, looks good. It's not 20 points over or anything.