Wolfman's SigAttks


Total Points: 260

1. Blood Feast - Wolfman takes a bite out of his opponent, feeding on the data to restore his lost vitality. [50 Drain, 3TCD ((100 Points))]

2. Wolfen Physiology - Wolfman's unique data structure allows him to regenerate rapidly and recover from wounds that would otherwise disable a normal Navi. [15hp passive heal ((80 Points))]

3. Lupine Grace - Wolfman can use his bestial strength and agility to send him bounding across the battlefield in the blink of an eye. [Free 2x Dodge, 2TCD ((80 Points))]

Remaining Points: 0

Note: When Lupine Grace is used, it basically functions as though Wolfman had dodged twice using that one action.

Looks good to me. Fits in caps, right numbers, and right amount of points spent.

140 (210) / 25
Total Points: 460
Points Used: 260
Points Free: 200

Making some SigAttks for Selene to use. In case the sigs have to use her level for caps, hers are 100 / 20.

1. Lunar Eclipse: Selene is bathed in darkness for a few moments, the shadows protecting her from certain attacks. ((Grants Shadow for one turn; 2 TCD)) (80 points)

2. Lunar Phase - Full Moon: Selene radiates light that heals Wolfman and increases his strength. ((Heals for 60hp and strengthens one of his attacks by 20; 3 TCD)) (100 points)

Total PointsL 460
Points Used: 440
Points Free: 20