[140] ZeroShot: 3x20 dmg + 80 Teleportation 4CD: Militiaman's Zeroshift activates in a limited sense, teleporting him across the field and using remaining power to supercharge a trio of blasts from his cannon.

[80] Fieldmedic:(20*4) heal 15 points each turn, passive: An assist program within Militiaman healing him at periodic intervals. The internal program knits data back together from the inside out with a wire frame aesthetic.

[120] Tomahawk: 40 Homing + 80 dmg 3CD: Militiaman calls in a hit from summoned silos, a powerful tomahawk missile tearing through the field to bear down on a single virus. The missile focuses relentlessly on the target.

[80] ZeroShift: 80 Teleportation 2CD: Militiaman's damaged Zeroshift program, an instance allowing massive transfer of data across tiny uninterruptable streams. The program is improperly programmed into him, and damages him internally each time.

0/420 (used/max pool)

I hope I got everything straight, please let me know if my math is off, my understanding of the effects are bugger, etc.
Mechanically everything is accurate except for one thing. Passive signatures cost 4x what their active counterparts would, so CommandShield and Fieldmedic would cost 80 points to work as passives.
Mah B, missed that, everything in order now?
Yes, everything's good. *approval*