Durandal's SigAttks

Current Caps: 100/20

Current Pool: 260
Used: 60
Available: 200

1. Acciaccatura: Explosive Strike - 50 Fire DMG + Impact + Stun
100 points, 3TCD

Durandal strikes his opponent in the face, or equivalent, with the pommel of his sword. The attack causes a localized explosive designed to bypass certain defenses and stun the target.

2. Forte Con Fuoco: Flame Shield - Heals 30hp + 3-hit shield
100 points, 3TCD

Durandal's armor is covered in a layer of flames that restores some of his lost vitality. He can use the flames to form a shield that can absorb a few attacks before it dissipates.

I'd also like to adjust Sword Dance to deal fire damage as well as slashing.

After these, I'll be using all 260 points with nothing left over.