The Green Missle Update

Total points used before: 420/540

Completely scrapping Powder Keg, and with the three Process Upgrades I recently purchased, this gives me a grand total of 170 points to pour into a new team ability for Nitro and TNT.

Total points used after Powder Keg scrap: 370/540

Combo Sig: Green Missle
Through their mutual affinity for explosives and munitions, Nitro and TNT have devised a rather unorthodox method of both damaging opponents and transporting Nitro quickly from one end of the field to the other.
TNT materialises a oversized rocket launcher, measuring roughly seven feet long with a maximum barrel diameter of two and a half feet, which, in actuality, looks like a giant, elongated version of both Nitro and TNT's buster, with a green body and red trim, complete with a display on the top (merely for show). The weapon is set down on its end, and Nitro jumps inside. TNT, through the magic of the Net, lifts the massive bazooka onto her shoulder, chooses her target, and fires, sending Nitro hurtling toward the enemy at ridiculous speeds, coated in a temporary suit of metal. The initial firing of the weapon causes a burst of smoke and flame to flare out of the back, causing minor damage to anyone in the vicinity.
The real brunt of the attack comes from a solid, metal Nitro ramming into his opponent. Upon collision, either with the enemy, an obstacle, or just the ground, the steel coating explodes into shrapnel, leaving Nitro perhaps somewhat dazed, but otherwise unharmed.

Green Missle: Nitro stats:
80 Null Dmg + Microburst (40) = 120 points, 3TCD

Green Missle: TNT stats:
25 Fire Dmg x Nova2 = 50 points, 2TCD

*Note: Both signatures must be used at the same time. If one is still cooling down, the other cannot be used.

Total points used after: 540/540
interesting idea. approved.