Maribel's Sigs

First off, I'm dropping Aqua Cartridge and Flack Jacket. The first ones old hat and the second one was used only once. They are to be replaced by newer versions of Aqua Cartridge. When I have more points, I'll feel like giving things fancier names, but for the moment here is how I'd like them to look:

Aqua Cartridge - Hard Water
Break + 20 Aqua, Shot type - 40 Sig Points
Maribel places a higher calibur version of her Aqua Cartridge in her rifle. The water round in this one is supposedly made of hard water.

Aqua Cartridge - Heavy Water
Stun + 30 Aqua, Shot type - 60 Sig points
Maribel places a shotgun cartridge round filled with heavey water into her rifle. Heavy water is denser than normal water by 11%, allowing this round to knock the breath out of anyone hit by it. It's probably not radioactive.

This gives me a full count of 100 Sig points. Let me know if they're any issues.