Total Sig Overhaul for Titania and Oberon

60 points (level 0) +(40x15) = 660 sig points

Cap 180 (270)/30

[Total Overhaul]
Rachel worked with Titania, Oberon, and Trenn to help her two Navis to interface with each other on a programming level instead of just a conscious level. It seems that this type of interface was intended between them from the start, because it has unlocked net-manipulation powers for them-- along with changing their appearance occasionally.

==Parallel Burst==
80 points
Titania and Oberon, after recent upgrades, have found ways for their programming to interact like that of two separate entities, yet the degree of control that they have over this interaction is understandably far greater. One application they have found is to exert enormous amounts of force upon objects in the Net environment in sudden blasts. [Microburst x2]

==Harmonic Strike==
120+nerf (180)
By striking the enemy with a weapon (arrow, bullet, blade) that contains a direct link to Titania/Oberon's core systems instead of just the weapon systems, they can drain its own power to use against it. This type of data transfusion, however, tends to cause errors in the weapon systems.
[Drain 30, Status Cure, Barrier 30, Take Aim, Strengthen 50, Buster Crash]

==Twin Assault==
160+nerf (240)
Titania and Oberon temporarily exist at the same time, but only within a very tight space. They both unleash a rapid flurry of attacks, warping and striking faster than the human eye can see, using their net-manipulation powers to draw enemies closer so as to strike as many of them as they can before being forced to merge again to avoid permanent damage to their systems. [Pull Nova3 (30), 80 damage Nova2 (160), 50 damage Nova1 (50), Buster Crash]

80 points+20 points+120 points
The inactive half of the pair has a kind of limited presence in the Net. It looks like a Navi to basic sensors and even has a physical body. It has the ability to teleport, and is equipped with a basic attack meant to harass enemies.
Passive Decoy
Passive Create Object 5
Passive Stun

80 points
Titania and Oberon still have the ability to "flow" into where the inactive partner's Net presence is, but only over short distances. [Passive Movement]
The mod body and I are all confused as to what you mean by "Passive Create Object 5."

Also your object will not be able to "teleport anywhere at any time" with its current abilities, so you should take that out.

As a warning, if you overuse similar crashes there can be permanent damage. You can also not use the status cure to heal self-inflicted crashes, if you were planning to.
I worked it out earlier, and if I only use one status crash every *other* turn, then I'll permanently be buster-crashed but it won't stack up and permanently crash.

I'll remove the teleport. But it does get re-created every post, right? Also, it's three separate sigs (it's impossible for that to technically be one passive sig) so it can be in a separate place when it does each of its three functions.

Passive Create Object 5 means a 5 HP object. Which should cost 20 points.

Wait, whoa, that only costs 20 points. My bad.

EDIT: Also, I caught an error. Harmonic Strike needs some changes. Gimmee a sec.
This registration request is on hold pending Jack-Out or 10 turns of in-thread combat. The Operator is not currently at the same location as her PET, and would remain unable to install her Upgrades and alter the Signatures. Once the Operator has returned with the upgrades to the PET, your request will be considered. [/Official Ruling]

Sorry dude.