Connor and Force.Exe

Name: Connor Dunrae
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Connor is a tall boy of average build. He stands at 6 feet tall, and weighs 150 pounds. He wears a black tee shirt over a white long sleeve shirt, both of which are slightly large. His pants are dark blue jeans, also a little loose, and held on with a black belt, covered by his shirt. Connor also happens to wear a pair of black sneakers. His skin is light and flawless, and his eyes are a vibrant green. He has light brown hair that he keeps short and slicked back.
Personality: Connor is friendly, and has a natural charisma that makes making friends easy for him. He's outgoing, and enjoys meeting new people and making friends. He is generally more calm and patient than overexcited and impatient. He is a good, kind person, always willing to help those in need. He views virus busting as a fun activity, or a sport. He feels superior to many others, for various reasons, mainly because he does well in almost anything he attempts. He is competitive, likes turning things into contests, and likes to win, but isn't a sore loser. If he is beaten in a friendly competition, he'll congratulate his opponent, and seem perfectly fine with it. However, it does bother him to lose, and he'll dwell on it, seeking to find a way to win against them, so he doesn't feel like he's losing. He is a good winner, still congratulating his opponent for a game well played, and offering advice. He is friendly with Force, though perfectly willing to order him around when necessary. He enjoys Force's company, as they've been friends since Connor got him, about 7 years ago.
PET Modifications: Connor's PET is Blue with white accents. It also happens to be clipped to his belt, or in his hand. It has a headphone jack so that only he can hear Force if he so chooses, and can also set up the interface so that only Force can hear him.

Name: Force.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Recover
Appearance: Force is a rather interesting looking Navi. He stands at a not-so-imposing stature, roughly the equivalent of your average real-world 8-year-old. He has a pale complexion, and is rather thin. His large eyes are a light shade of blue, and his features look rather obviously child-like. Force's hair is spiked backwards, is of medium length, and is white. His body suit is tight, and accentuates the fact that his young body lacks both muscle and fat. The suit is blue, with thin white stripes down the outsides of his arms and legs. He wears white gloves which pass his wrists slightly, as well as a pair of white boots which stretch ¾ of the way up his shins. His waist is covered in a thin white belt, with a hemisphere for the clasp. A similar white hemisphere, though smaller, roughly the size of a ping-pong ball, sits at the bottom of his neck, and forms the clasp for his cape. The cape itself is the same blue as his bodysuit on the outside, while white on the inside. The backs of his gloves, and his upper shin, as well as the center of his chest, all feature his symbol, the image of a sphere. Finally, upon his face he wears a small mask over the area around his eyes, shaped like two diamonds, and colored blue.
Personality: Force is young at his core, and as such, treats things with a childlike enthusiasm. He is often excited and energetic, though can be serious when he views it to be necessary. He listens to Max usually, though he may protest if he'd rather not do something he's ordered to do. He is kind, caring, and does his best to protect all others, no matter what the cost. He tries to be loyal, brave, and noble, to represent justice, and to pull off all the qualities that he thinks a good superhero should possess. This is due to the fact that, though he knows he is just a Navi, he likes to view himself as a superhero. He will come to the aid of all those in need, and try to keep innocent bystanders and civilians safe. His goal is to protect those who can't properly protect themselves. He gets along with Connor, viewing him as a good friend, though he thinks of him as being his boss, as well, or at least the one who's in charge. He views virus busting as a way to rid the world of evil and villainy, one enemy at a time.
Custom Weapon: Force uses the energy source that he can tap into, which allows him to create his barriers, to aid him in fighting. He uses it to coat his hands and feet in energy. This, combined with his almost inhuman agility allows him to hold his own in the melee-range.
Signature Attack: Slightly confused here, I need a tiny amount of help.

I was wondering if it was possible for this sig to be used again on the same person while a previous use was still in effect, adding on to the previous shield.

Force Field: This ability has Force create a small field of energy around himself or an ally. This shield is a transparent white, and will shield them from 60 points of damage. (2 turn CD)
[60 points > Hp Defense (20 Points+ 1:1 ratio shielding for each additional point)]

Did I get it all right?
Those barriers CAN stack, but only in such a way that it would refresh the barrier to it's maximum HP. (IE: You re-use it on someone who's got a leftover 30 HP barrier on them. This wouldn't apply a second barrier, rather it would buff the first one to 60 HP.) This is to prevent people from stacking HP barriers to ungodly-high totals.

That alright?

Actually, it wouldn't stack.

Quote ()

--ALL Active Signatures with an X-Use, HP limit, or turn based duration do not begin their cooldown until the signature's effect expires. (This is called Delayed TCD.)

So, to answer your question, no. You won't be able to use that sig again until the first expires.

Oh, ok. Thanks.

Well, I can deal with that. So, is everything else all set?
Quite. Approved.