Yuki Onna Upgrades

Snowman down!
Cost: 40 sig points.
Damage and type: 40 Aqua damage drop attack(B accuracy with flying, D against ground based) 1 turn cool down.
Description: Giving a sharp whistle, snow quickly accumulates into a snowman shape in the sky and falls on the enemy. While the damage is always the same and the snowman always breaks on impact, sometimes the snowman takes on a... unique appearance depending on the situation. It's still the same size, but sometimes one would wonder if the exact look of the snowman fits the battle.
Approved. It'd help if you kept track of your pool somewhere in your tabs for the future, by the way.
Alright, time for Upgrade Set Number 2!

S.N.O.W. Goggles
Passive Take Aim. (10 x 4= 40 points)
An upgrade to Yuki's original goggles, the Supportive Neuro-Optic Wear serves as a secondary system inside her goggles that can help do calculations and trajectories when aiming weaponry and predicting where the object will fall. This frees up Yuki for other tasks.

Quick Defrost
Nova2 Knockback(10x2) plus medium terrain change to normal centered on self. (15)(35 total)(1 TCD)

Being a navi used to working or cooling systems, Yuki-Onna had times where she had to repair frozen parts or deal with two much ice on the system. Aoi upgraded this feature as a form of tactical defense. By releasing a buffer of data, Yuki not only makes a batch of normal tiles around her,(just enough for her to dodge and attack safely) but also push back surrounding objects to give her more breathing room.
Nova2 should that be.

Also you're a brat. : P

Please list your sig caps, and pool used and pool total in these in the future.

Or at the very least list those last two.
Set number 3. Old pool total was 175/180, now it's 175/220.


Cool Treat-ment. (30 healing for 40 sig points) 1TCD

Compacting some of cooling system repair data, Yuki creates a weak, yet handy recovery program for navis. The data can be given a number of ways, either ice packs for the outside, or frozen treats to help heal the ego along with the body(comes in 32 different flavors!). The effect is all the same though which is repairing minor damage.

That would bring it up to 215/220 sig points.
So the snow loli gives out ice-cream cones now? Red and Yuki should have a picnic...