Massive Sig Boost

Alright. Nine more process upgrades. That gives me 360 more points towards sigs, and 940 points total.

Old Sigs, Revamped:

Type: Passive (Cap: 40)
Effect: 20 HP Barrier
(80/580 used)
Type: Passive (Cap: 40)
Effect: 40 HP Barrier
(80/360 new points used to upgrade)


Type: Passive (Cap: 40)
Effect: 20 HP Passive Heal
(107/580 used)
Type: Passive (Cap: 40)
Effect: 30 HP Passive Heal
(It's 160 total, I'll calculate it, but about 53 points more used) (133/360 new points used)

Electric Blaze (Way of the Swordy)
Type: Active (Cap: More than I'm about to spend on it)
Effect: 40 Damage, Elec
(40/580 used)
Type: Active (Cap: Still lots)
Effect: 110 Damage, Slashing, Elec
(67/360 used) (As well as the 3 points that had, until now, gone unused in my sigs) (Total: 200/360)


Type: Active (Cap: lots)
Effect: Sig Chill
Description: Voltman reroutes power to the signature attack system, allowing one of his abilities to recover faster.
(40/360 used) (240/360 used total)

Power Surge
Type: Active (Cap: Shittons)
Effect: Heal 90 HP
Description: Voltman pulls a massive amount of power from the net around him with an active effort, healing himself considerably.
(120/360 used) (360/360 used total)
Hey, now you have as many points as I do. Yey.

Also, you got rid of that goddamnned stupid odd 3 points or whatever. If you ever do that again, I'll slap the shit out of you.

Anyway, approved.