The Emperor's New Moves

So, I'm dissolving Brightness Spike with my Process Upgrades, refunding the 60 points used and adding them to the 120 from my Upgrades.

Total Signature Points: 60+40+40+40+40+40=260

New Signature Attacks:

Hardware Upgrade: Variable Hertz Projector: Due to his upgrade to the Speed subtype, Holoß found himself with a problem: his projectors no longer kept up with his now much faster system processes. To remedy the situation, Aelieth replaced his projectors with faster, more powerful ones. During this process, an interesting side effect revealed itself. By lowering the refresh rate of several projectors, he could generate several solid afterimages when he moved. Though this wasn't pronounced enough to create decoys, Holo found that by keeping his refresh rate in constant flux, his attacks would appear to connect several times.
--Mirage I: Passive 20 damage. (Cost: 80 points = 20 passive points)
--Mirage II: Passive 20 damage. (Cost: 80 points = 20 passive points)

Total Sig Points Required: 160/260
Total Sig Points Used: 160/260

Hardware Upgrade: Hard-Light Retrofit: There are two different "lights" that holograms can be projected in: soft-light, which is purely an image and has no impact on physical objects, and hard-light, which allows a hologram to become corporeal and manipulate that which a soft-light hologram cannot. By retrofitting a more powerful version of his hard-light projectors into each of his smaller projection points Holoß's holograms have gained a transparent hard-light coating, which allows him a layer of padding before his core systems begin to take damage. (Cost: 60 points = 15 passive. 15 point HP Barrier; Passive.)

Total Sig Points Required: 60/260
Total Sig Points Used: 220/260

Projector Adaptation: "Deer in Headlights": In past battles the full brightness of Holo's projectors has been unleashed to great effect, but in such an inefficient way that he rarely used the ability. After finding a workaround, however, Holoß has learned to focus the beams in such a way to momentarily stun his opponents, giving him a momentary advantage over his foes. (Cost: 40 points. 10 damage + Elec + Stun to one target. 1 TCD.)

Total Sig Points Required: 40/260
Total Sig Points Used: 260/260
All 4 sigs approved.