Sig edits

So, I got to get rid of Berserk and Gungnir. That frees up 240 points.

Freya's bless
Effect: Passive 15 HP heal (20*4)
Valkyrie rapidly recovers while in batte, having almost endless fortitude. This effect is considered to be the bless of Freya, the female goddess who receives half of the dead lost in battle in her hall Fólkvangr. She is a goddess with both war-like and health domains.

The Maiden's resolve
Effect: 3 turns of HardBody (40*3)
Nerf: Folder Lock (-40)
Valkyrie strengthens her resolve by cutting off all help from her operator. Being truly alone helps her unlock her true potential

Prelude to Ragnarok
Effect: Charged attack (40) Microburst (40)
Valkyrie focuses her power into a destructive attack that sends an opponent helplessly flying like a ragdoll. That will be only the beginning of his problems...
Looks good. Enjoy your ragdolls.