Void and Damian Phobos

Name: Damian Phobos
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearance: a 6 foot pail teen with black hair and brown eyes. usually wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt, he usually has a slightly worn appearance.
Personality: from his years with void Niax has developed a very dark view about the world. he spends most of his time writing horror story. he tends to be a little annoyed by his navi'shallusionations.
PET Modifications: a speaker in the back that emitts a sound below the range of hearing, causeing fear in the area.

Name: void
Gender: male
Element: normal
Type: wind
Appearance: Simply put, nothing. an empty shadow with glowing yellow eyes. his silloette appesrs like a navi with spikey hair and a cloak
Personality: Dark, he sees not much joy in life. He usually gives orders to his owner as often as his owner gives orders to him. he has a hallusionation of an imp like creature that follows him around ever since he was hit in the head by a hanz.
Custom Weapon: shadow daggers - throwing daggers made out of the same shadoy material as void.
Signature Attack: Approching darkness - Shadows and half seen creatures appear on the field for three turns, paralizing his enemies with fear. the monsters cannot attack or be attacked.(fear of 3 turns, takes one action to maintain. 5 turn cooldown after attack ends)


Noob chip pack! Shotgun x1, Cannon x1, Rageclaw x1.
Noob NaviCust pack! Undershirt x1, Attack +1 x1, Rapid +1 x1, Charge +1 x1.