Basil and Nymph

Name: Basil Blaze (Basil Ambridge)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Red spikey hair, brown eyes and glasses with a tint of violet in them. Wears his blue shirt with yellow striped sleeves and black pants at concerts but on an average day wears a red shirt with a yellow vest and blue jeans.
Personality: Basil is a Yumland singer who just made it big. He keeps the stick of being all powerful and great to be with the ladies. He is determined to actually take this music career further and become a nationwide phenomenon. He's persistent and also sometimes a bit smug. He loves the attention and can't help but to laugh. He has a good heart though he can sometimes be lazy. When he composes music he becomes a perfectionist.
PET Modifications: Red with a yellow butterfly drawn on the crest.

Name: Nymph
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Type: Wind
Appearance: short blonde hair and red eyes. She looks somewhat alien like. Has a somewhat normal navi uniform except that she has see-through purple wings in the back. It's a magenta color with green symbols etched around. Her magenta helmet has two curly antennas coming out of the top and a gold center.
Personality: Nymph is a shy navi. She was created by Basil as his female partner since he couldn't find any female singer with the voice he needed. Though when she was shown to his agent, they told Basil that a Navi singer would make people believe his voice was fake too. A human hologram for Nymph was created so she could sing on stage without the public knowing. Nymph likes this more than signing as herself since she is a shy and quiet navi. She gains confidence from Basil though and tends to cling onto him for guidance. She doesn't speak much to other navis since she is afraid that people will find out. She idealizes Basils' cousins' navi Capuchin as a great navi.
Custom Weapon: regular buster
Signature Attack: Wing Clipper, Nymph flaps her wings at an incredible speed and sends slicing waves at an opponent. 70 damage with a 2-turn cooldown.
Ah, another old RECN Navi is retired. At this rate, Druidman will be the only one left.

Speaking of Druidman, he doesn't have a monopoly on Wood Element anymore...

At any rate, I see nothing wrong. Approved, but I need to know what stuff, if any, you are transferring from Aida and Capuchin.