Zolem Adiwe and Geyser.EXE

From what I understand, this is the same world as ChaosNetwork, just in the future. As such, I'm resubmiting my old charecter, and I'm hoping I can carry some of my old items over.


Name: Zolem Adiwe

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'7", short red hair combed flat, green eyes, glasses, slightly on the fat side, but obviously muscular underneath. He tends to dress in simple monotone shirts, usually red, black, or dark green, and kaki jeans. He usually wears a baseball hat of some sort with a humorous picture or message on it.

Personality: A bit of a pessimist, he's determined to do his best, though he always tries his best. He just doesn't expect to win. In an odd juxtaposition, he has a great sense of humor; he'll laugh at almost anything. He also has a very discerning personality, and often ferrets out untrustworthy people, due to his suspicious nature.

Background: After his father was lost at sea, he dedicated himself to learning water rescue and safty, and other areas of safty as well. He constantly wories about his little brother, Senri, who's a bit reckless. He's also worried about his mother, who constantly has to take care of the kids. To help her out, he's started to work part time at a grocery store.

PET Modifications: It's 100% waterproof and fireproof.


Name: Geyserman

Gender: Neutral

Element: Aqua

Type: Recover (not in the origional, as we didn't have subtypes then, but it fits his concept well)

Appearance: A sea green navi, with coral sculpt armor. Geyserman also has a 'helmet' style head, with coral horns like a stag. It's bulky for a navi, seemingly barrel-chested compared to other navis. This is due to its thick armor. Its eyes (the only things showing through its armor), are bright red, seeming to gleam like gemstones. Its voice is synthesized, with no trace of gender. Despite his armor's
bulky apearance, however, it is actually super boyant and enables anybody touching him to float perfectly even on the most voilent waters.

Personality: In contrast the this navi's operator, Geyserman is determined to improve Zolem's attitude by being upbeat and positive, giving its battles his all in an attempt to inspire his operator and friend. Friendly and honest to a fault, Geyserman has trouble avoiding touchy subjects or telling little white lies. It's also gullible, but Zolem prevents any huge mistakes. IT has no female or male personality, preferring to be neutral so as not to be judged by gender stereotypes. In addition, it has been programed in all forms of search and rescue techneques so as to help save lives.

Carry over Battle Chips (I have these on file, but feel free to deny if you desire): Sword(2) and Guard (2) and Hp Memory (1)

Custom Weapon: Harpoon gun (like buster style. It can also work via stabs, still only buster strength though.)

Signature Attack: Old Faithful. A supercharged harpoon bolt of energy is fired beneeth the target, causing a huge torent of water to burst underneath them, knocking them down as well as damaging them. 50 damage plus knockdown. 3 turn cooldown.

Well, there you go. I'm basically back from the dead. As the mods, feel free to deny me anything you don't approve of. I await your judgement with eager antisipation of resuming my EXE roleplaying days.
Dude, it's you!

Now, as for your items...

Poke through the rules and look for something called "Rebirth Items." Then come back and tell us what you want.
Took a look. All that's left to possibly transfer over is Minibomb (3) 870 zenny, and Shotgun (1). I also have the navi cust. pieces Undershirt (1), HP+50 (1), charge+1 (1), attack+1 (1), and rapid+1 (1), no expansions. Also, I saw nothing about carrying over my old GMOs, so could I have my old armor_off.GMO (if GMOs still exist)? I have no other signiture attacks to transfer.
Right. Zenny doesn't transfer at all.

You can pick any combonation of any 3 chips, as long as the total store price doesn't go over 5000z.

You can choose any combonation of NCP parts, as long as the total price doesn't go over 5000z.

Just tell me what you want, and I'll approve you.
Ok then, Here are the chips I want to keep.
Sword x2 (3600) + Shotgun (1000)
For programs, I want an HP +50
Okay then.


GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1
GET LEGACY: Sword, Sword, Shotgun, HP+50

Post in the profile section, and make sure that you're familiar with all the new rules. A lot has changed.

Also, for your GMO, you still start with the blank one, so you can register the Armorless one in the profile edit section now.