Profile additions

Aiy: Dese sig attacks be stored away for now till I am gettin this sorted out.
Okay, I can't approve, and I don't pretend that I can, but I'll say this. Read the new sig rules, this kinda doesn't fit those at all.

Also,that first sig? I'm still trying to make sense of it, but it looks OP up the ass anyway.

Also, moving this to signature registration, since that's all there is here.
good lord my creative freedom is nerfed. After many slaps to the face, I have it vaguely figured it out.

However, seeing how all my old sigs worked, I have a few questions to ask:

1. Do my two sig vouchers get downgraded into two process expansions..? (That dosen't quite seem fair..)

2. Can I deal damage to myself to add pool points to a certain attack?

3. Is there anyway to make an effect like stun passive (like my old first sig attack)

4. Is there any chance I can turn my "invincible barrier" attack (which was just for RP reasons anyway, no real advantage) into a "random pool points" sig?

5. Then where the hell did cooldown go?